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May 7, 1988
First (former White House spokesman) Larry Speakes writes a book disclosing that he made up quotes for President Reagan. Then (former Chief of Staff) Don Regan writes a book letting us know that the President's schedule was based on astrology. I can hardly wait to read what Atty. Gen. Edwin Meese III discloses when he writes his book! LINDA MOSE Sherman Oaks
May 13, 1988 | BETH ANN KRIER, Times Staff Writer
Even as political observers' jaws dropped over the use of horoscopes in the White House, astrologers who cater to high-powered clients were saying that Nancy Reagan is hardly alone in her pursuit of schedules timed to the stars. Indeed, they claim the Astroturf is mighty crowded with celebrities from the worlds of show business, politics, literature, high finance and more.
December 27, 1989 | ELIZABETH VENANT
When Ronald Reagan became President of the United States, astrologer Sydney Omarr knew he was a marked man. Every U.S. Aquarian president had been elected during a conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn--which happens only once every 20 years, said Omarr, and "not one left office alive."
March 18, 1994 | BOB ELSTON
For those who did not know already, the Spring Psychic Fair is being held here on March 26 and 27. According to the fair's organizer, veteran astrologer Kathleen Scott, people who specialize in handwriting analysis, past-life readings, palm readings and various psychic paraphernalia will congregate at the Hyatt Newporter for the two-day fair. Scott encourages skeptics as well as believers to attend, "mostly for the fun of it and (out of) plain curiosity."
June 9, 1991 | Times Wire Services
Astrologers have entered the fray in the presidential election in the Soviet republic of Russia, with some predicting that Boris N. Yeltsin won't win on the first round and warning that the planets are lined up just as they were before the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.
May 7, 1986 | VICTOR VALLE, Times Staff Writer
"My life has been a Calvary," the first caller to KSCI's (Channel 18) "Encuentro Astrologico" says in a voice trembling with melodrama. The middle-aged Argentine woman confides to astrology program host Maria Graciette that she has suffered an unending torment of illness, romantic disappointment and psychic catastrophe. Graciette, a large and engaging woman, first asks the caller's birthdate, then serenely predicts her future in a Spanish heavily accented with her native Portuguese. "After Nov.
October 24, 1989 | From Times Wire Services
Former White House Chief of Staff Donald T. Regan on Monday renewed his feud with Nancy Reagan. He said on television that the former First Lady "has no gratitude to anyone." "I think she takes too much pity on herself," Regan said in an interview on NBC's "Today" program in commenting on the contents of Mrs. Reagan's recently published book, "My Turn." "In yesterday's Los Angeles Times, they had a full spread on this book, and in it they showed 20 people, all of whom Nancy Reagan criticizes."
May 10, 1988 | NIKKI FINKE, Times Staff Writer
Joan Quigley knew it was going to be a trying week. She saw it in her stars. "I'm an Aries," the San Francisco socialite explains. "There's a major conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which is going to be terrible for many people. Accidents. Fires. Troubles. It's just a very difficult time."
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