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July 10, 1996 | From Reuters
Forget the map on vacation. Let the computer talk you there. Hertz Corp. said Tuesday that it will install at least 7,500 Rockwell Automotive talking computers that will direct drivers to their destinations. The deal, worth an estimated $23 million, will make Rockwell's NeverLost navigators a common feature in Hertz rental cars in 16 cities, allowing customers to reserve them for an extra $6 a day in mid-size to luxury cars.
Perhaps you're a true lover of sport, and you've always wanted to dole out dollars for the benefit of unseen franchises in cities other than your own. If so, you may be pleased to closely examine your next rental car bill. If not, be warned. In an increasing number of cities and states around the country, rental-car customers are being required to pay for sports arenas and stadiums that they're unlikely to ever use. On Jan.
Car rental firms like Hertz and Avis are familiar names to travelers, yet the firms' inner workings are largely secret. Most rental agencies are privately owned or divisions of auto makers, so their sales and profits aren't for public consumption, thank you. But Alamo Rent A Car Inc. is giving the public a brief peek inside. The nation's fourth-largest car rental firm by fleet size, Alamo is privately owned but wants to borrow $100 million through a public note sale.
July 26, 1995 | From Bloomberg Business News
Hertz Corp. said it will raise car rental rates by $5 a day to counter soaring fleet prices. Avis Rent A Car System and Alamo Rent A Car said they will follow Hertz, the nation's largest car rental agency. Others are expected to do the same. Hertz and some of its competitors raised rates last September by $3 or $4 a day. Price wars have chipped away at the gains. The fiercely competitive industry will again try to pass on higher fleet costs, which have risen by 30% a year since 1992.
June 29, 1995 | From Reuters
Hertz Corp. said Wednesday that it is removing the mileage limits from all its U.S. rental car rates and car classes, except minivans. "Very simply, we're announcing a return to free, unlimited mileage," said Brian J. Kennedy, executive vice president of marketing and sales for Hertz, a unit of Ford Motor Co. With minivans, the world's largest car rental company said it will maintain its mileage-capped rates, with 100 free miles per day and a 25-cents-per-mile charge after that.
May 8, 1995 | AARON CURTISS
In the auto racing movie "Days of Thunder," Tom Cruise takes a rental car for a high-speed spin, banging it up along the way and leaving it smashed in a restaurant parking lot. While most car renters treat their vehicles with a little more respect, the generic rental fleets of Chevy Luminas and Ford Tempos are nonetheless often regarded as the automotive equivalent of Rodney Dangerfield. Who among us has not parked a rental in a space where we would never park our own car?
April 21, 1995
Alfred Paul Murrah namesake of Oklahoma City's federal building, was a leading lawyer and judge in Oklahoma from the 1930s through the mid 1970s. He was a judge of the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, serving from 1940 to 1970, 11 of those years as chief judge. In 1970, he became director of the Federal Judicial center in Washington, where he served until he retired at age 70 in 1974. He died Oct. 31, 1975, in Oklahoma City.
January 29, 1995 | From Associated Press
Quietly, and almost in spite of itself, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has become the nation's biggest car rental company. Enterprise, which built its business by focusing on local markets, has surpassed Hertz Corp. in terms of the size of its U.S. fleet. And Enterprise is tailgating Hertz in total U.S. revenue. Andy Taylor, Enterprise's low-key president, seems almost embarrassed by the company's rise to the top. "Dad started with 17 cars. Being No.
September 22, 1994 | From Bloomberg Business News
Hertz Corp., the nation's largest car rental company, today announced plans to boost car rental rates 8% to 10% to offset rising costs. The rental car industry's trade group said it won't be long before rival companies such as Avis Inc., Budget Rent a Car Corp. and National Car Rental Systems Inc. match Hertz. Hertz's price increases are effective immediately, except in Hawaii, where prices will be increased starting Oct. 1. In most U.S.
September 16, 1994 | From Reuters
Business travelers who rent cars are about to take another hit in the pocketbook. Rates are likely to go up again, mainly because the prices Detroit charges for new fleet cars have risen again, for the third year in a row, the rental car industry reports.
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