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May 27, 2009 | Marc Lifsher
At a recycling plant in San Pedro and five other similar operations around California, giant shredding machines annually reduce 1.3 million junk cars, refrigerators and other appliances into fist-sized chunks of metal. Valuable scrap that contains iron is separated so it can be turned back into steel. Hunks of aluminum, copper and other alloys are pulled out for reprocessing.
General Motors Canada is telling almost 250 dealers they will lose their franchises next year. GM Canada's 42% cut is in line with what General Motors Corp. announced in the U.S.
May 10, 2009
Re: "Chrysler driving without a map," May 1: I can't imagine the circumstances under which I would ever purchase an automobile from a company that is 55% owned by the UAW and 35% owned by the government. They both are the problem rather than the solution to the many travails of the auto industry. Emphasis of company policy will be on the well-being of the union members rather than the consuming public. Bob Pilshaw Bakersfield -- Many Americans may not know that Chrysler had its inception in a Supreme Court decision in the early 1900s that forced Henry Ford to release accumulated cash from his corporation in the form of dividends.
April 18, 2009 | Jim Tankersley and Margot Roosevelt
The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday declared that industrial greenhouse gases are a danger to human health and well-being, opening the way to broad new regulations to reduce carbon dioxide and other planet-heating gases. The finding could lead to far-reaching rules that are likely to heavily affect cars and trucks, which account for nearly a quarter of the nation's greenhouse gas emissions, and utilities, which are responsible for more than a third.
March 24, 2009 | Tony Perry
If the future is widespread use of electric cars, it may arrive in San Diego before other places in car-happy Southern California. Renault-Nissan and San Diego Gas & Electric Co. announced a deal Monday to deploy Nissan's new all-electric vehicle on the roads here before it hits the consumer market in 2012. The utility plans to lease 15 to 20 and urge its customers -- private, public and military -- to consider switching to electric vehicles.
February 23, 2009 | Tim Jones
When the lights go down in the cavernous Wigwam and two high school kids dressed as Indians come out and dance in the spotlight on the glossy maple wood basketball court, it's as if nothing has changed. This is Anderson Indian basketball night at the 9,000-seat Wigwam, a crucial piece of the fabric of a city torn apart by years of auto parts plant closings and the loss of more than 25,000 jobs.
February 23, 2009 | Christopher Smith
If you've read any article about newspapers or magazines recently, they likely were stuffed with predictions of doom. Search the phrase "death of print" in Google and you'll come up with almost a million results. But even in this gloomy landscape, there are bright spots, perhaps none more unlikely than Westways magazine, which is growing as it turns 100 years old this month. Hip? Nope, and it has no pretenses to be so.
January 30, 2009 | Joanna Lin
The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce on Thursday awarded its annual civic medal of honor to Thomas V. McKernan, chief executive and president of the Automobile Club of Southern California and Auto Club Enterprises. First awarded in 2003, the civic medal of honor is given to non-elected civic leaders who are dedicated to community and public service, said George Kieffer, a member of the selection committee that includes a few past recipients and other citizens.
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