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Gov. Pete Wilson has endorsed 17 Assembly primary election candidates so far as part of his campaign to obtain a Republican voting majority in the lower house as soon as possible, it was disclosed Thursday. Unlike his predecessor, former Gov. George Deukmejian, who stayed out of GOP primary fights, Wilson also may make more endorsements before Tuesday's election, according to an Administration official.
January 24, 1993 | Jerry Gillam, Times staff writer
Legislation to sentence spousal rapists to the same prison terms as other rapists has been introduced in the state Assembly. The measure (AB 187) by Assemblywoman Hilda Solis (D-El Monte) would send most convicted spousal rapists to state prison for up to eight years. Current law provides that spousal rape can be prosecuted either as a misdemeanor with a maximum one-year sentence in county jail or as a felony with a penalty of three to eight years in state prison.
February 19, 1993 | Jerry Gillam, Times Staff Writer
Prison inmates would be denied conjugal visits and the state would save an estimated $3 million annually under legislation that has been introduced in the Assembly. The author of the measure (AB 546), Assemblyman Dean Andal (R-Stockton), objects that violent criminals are allowed to spend up to 72 hours with their wives and children, unsupervised, in a cottage or trailer on prison grounds. He alleged that those visits are sometimes used to smuggle drugs and weapons into prisons.
March 7, 1993
1992 RECORDS OVERALL LEAGUE 20-8 13-2 COACH RECORD AT SCHOOL Tim O'Donoghue 0-0 RETURNING STARTERS YR. POS. B-T Derek Baker Jr. 3B L-R Tim Wilson Sr. OF/P R-R OTHER TOP RETURNERS YR. POS. B-T Jeff Cunningham Jr. 1B R-R Eric Del Prado Sr. OF L-L Mando Fonseca Sr. OF L-L Jon Lauderdale Jr. C R-R Justin Lloyd Jr. OF L-L TOP NEWCOMERS YR. POS. B-T Chris Collins Fr. OF R-R Aaron Gallegos So. SS R-R Ronnie Hall Sr. P R-R Brian Helsper Jr.
June 20, 1988 | GARRY ABRAMS, Times Staff Writer
Bob Genovese helped take down the Jane Fonda bumper sticker that had hung behind the bar of the VFW post in Naugatuck, Conn., until Saturday night. It said "I'm not Fonda Hanoi Jane" and came off the wall by common agreement after the actress, reviled by many veterans since her 1972 visit to Hanoi at the height of the Vietnam War, won a few hearts and minds in a nearly four-hour meeting with about 25 former servicemen at a church Saturday night.
May 30, 1988 | ARMANDO ACUNA, Times Staff Writer
The belated California Vietnam Veterans Memorial, five years in the making, two years behind schedule and still scrambling for donations, is finally due for a ground-breaking in serene Capitol Park on Thursday. No one had a clue when Gov. George Deukmejian signed legislation in 1983 authorizing the memorial and allocating space for it in the park that the project would take this long.
May 25, 1992 | PAUL FELDMAN
For better or worse, unannounced presidential candidate Ross Perot's support in California appears to cut across the lines of voters who feel they are doing better and voters who feel they are doing worse. The telling point is that even those who feel they're better off personally under President Bush still lean toward the Texas billionaire. A Los Angeles Times Poll last week showed Perot besting Bush and Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton in a three-way race in California.
Three bond issues on the Nov. 6 ballot would raise a total of $755 million to benefit a broad spectrum of low- and middle-income Californians--except for a share that could also reach the pockets of those in higher brackets. Passage of Proposition 145 would authorize the sale of $325 million in bonds to finance homes for first-time buyers and to provide housing assistance for a range of low-income groups.
August 29, 1991 | Jerry Gillam, Times staff writer
Sparked by a recent Southern Pacific tanker car derailment in Northern California, Senate-passed legislation to increase fines for oil and chemical spills into rivers and other state waters is awaiting an Assembly floor vote. A 20-3 vote sent the bill (SB 1081) by Sen. Gary Hart (D-Santa Barbara) from the Ways and Means Committee to the lower house floor. "Oil and chemical spills into our rivers can do irreparable damage to fish, wildlife and vegetation," Hart said.
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