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April 5, 1997
Perhaps the best recurring feature in the L.A. Times is the weekly Trojan viewpoint letter. Rarely, if ever, does it address a substantive issue. More often than not, the Trojan scribes are reduced to griping about coverage or taking pot shots at UCLA. Last week's offering was that "Trojans take losses like men." Well, after last year's 48-41 overtime loss to UCLA, Trojan tailback LaVale Woods apparently took the loss like a Bruin. He cried his eyes out in the locker room after the game [Times, Nov. 24]
August 13, 1995 | Donna Kuyper
convention doll n. a hard-to-find doll produced in small quantities for a yearly convention of Barbie doll collectors. department store special n . a doll manufactured for and sold exclusively by one chain. doll newbie n. An owner who believes a doll dates from 1966 because of the marking on its rear. The figure actually refers to when the patent was issued. loose adj . out of the box. "The only Barbies you see at garage sales are loose and nude."
July 1, 1986 | BETH ANN KRIER, Times Staff Writer
Should fetuses be conditioned with tapes of music and parents' voices so they can arrive in this world with their educations already under way? Or should they basically be left to their own educational devices so they won't be robbed of the experience of learning things for themselves? The superbaby controversy continues along with the baby boomlet of the '80s.
January 16, 1987 | Associated Press
The city that gave America the downtown pedestrian mall unveiled a $38-million plan Thursday to turn a subterranean storm sewer into a babbling brook lined with lush gardens, shops and town houses. The Arcadia Creek Project, which could take a decade to complete and change the face of this southwestern Michigan city, is aimed at turning a stagnant section of downtown into an urban showplace.
April 15, 1999 | BOOTH MOORE
You've seen their catch phrases like "cranky" and "spoiled" on baby tees and camisoles. Now the L.A.-based design duo behind Loveletters Loungewear is moving into home accessories. Since sisters Angela and Maya Mallick launched Loveletters in 1996, their clothing designs (each fashioned with a witty phrase or word) have been featured in Glamour and YM magazines and sold in the Victoria's Secret catalog.
October 8, 1997 | MAL FLORENCE
Jay Mariotti in the Chicago Sun-Times on the breakup of the Bulls after this season and the roles of owner Jerry Reinsdorf and General Manager Jerry Krause: "Like evil, selfish Scrooges at Christmas, they are eager to break up a dynasty and shut down one of the world's finer entertainment treasures so they can pursue that most farcical of ambitions: trying to win an NBA title of their own.
July 5, 1987 | Gene Wojciechowski
Your average conversation with Angel General Manager Mike Port usually requires a pocket thesaurus or perhaps an interpreter. You find yourself wanting to ask for a dictionary timeout, for directions to the English language. You nod a lot, feigning comprehension, while secretly wishing for a speedy return to the planet Earth. This spring, when faced with the possibility of losing whiz kids Wally Joyner and Kirk McCaskill to contract disputes, Port responded in typical fashion.
"Wild Palms" is bound to attract a cult following. How large depends on the number of acidheads ABC can persuade to watch it. Heaven help us from zealous, revved-to-the-max, futurist wanna-bes who seek to refract their high-tech Orwellian crystal-ball gazing through television. Film director Oliver Stone and Bruce Wagner are executive producers of this punishing six hours of gibberish spread across four nights. It begins Sunday at 9 p.m. and continues Monday at 9 p.m.
May 13, 1987 | DOUG SMITH
It appears that some inventive West Valley residents have touched off a storm that won't go away by asking the city to clarify exactly where they live. This began several months ago when the owners of some expensive homes on the western rim of the Valley petitioned for a legal separation from the name Canoga Park. That name, everyone seems to agree, conjures images of immigrant workers, nuclear research and country and western bars, but not of a nice place to live.
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