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Babe Ruth

July 16, 2004
Most career multiple-home run games (through Thursday): Babe Ruth...72 Mark McGwire...67 Barry Bonds *...65 Sammy Sosa *...65 Willie Mays...63 Hank Aaron...62 Jimmie Foxx...55 Frank Robinson...54 * active
January 20, 1987
George Selkirk, a lifetime .290 hitter who succeeded Babe Ruth in right field for the New York Yankees, died in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., after a long illness. He was 79.
December 30, 1989
Richard Sandomir says in his Dec. 22 article, "Legacy of Earning Power," that Babe Ruth "is one of those people who rose to the top and just stayed there." Well, Babe Ruth is legendary proof that no matter what the current style of playing baseball and no matter what is hot in the sport, a player who continually gives his all from the heart will have real staying power. CLARENCE B. SANTOS Los Angeles
July 21, 1998 | LARRY STEWART
What: "Outside the Lines: Babe Ruth's Larger Than Life Legacy" Where: ESPN When: Today, 4:30 p.m. ESPN's award-winning "Outside the Lines" series hits a home run with this special that commemorates the 50th anniversary of Babe Ruth's death (Aug. 16, 1948). ESPN is beating HBO to the punch, with HBO showing its Babe Ruth special on the anniversary of his death.
June 22, 1991
The June 3 Special Screenings column stated that in the 1928 comedy "Speedy," Harold Lloyd's cabbie character drove Babe Ruth wildly across town to Yankee Stadium in Brooklyn. Obviously, Ruth missed the game that day, since Yankee Stadium was, and still is, in the Bronx. ZACHARY A. CHARLES Burbank
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