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June 8, 2012 | By Harriet Ryan, Los Angeles Times
Since the arrest of two men last summer in a brutal beating at Dodger Stadium, Dorene Sanchez's role in the case had remained a mystery. The fiancee of one suspect and the sister of the other, the 32-year-old Rialto woman was booked alongside the men as an accessory after the fact for driving them from the ballpark, but she began cooperating with prosecutors who subsequently opted not to pursue charges against her. In a courtroom Thursday, Sanchez...
June 26, 1989
Richard Nixon attended a game between the New York Mets and Montreal Expos last week, and during the game, a split-screen shot on TSN, the Expos' TV station, showed the former president and Expo outfielder Otis Nixon side by side. According to Tim Kurkjian of the Baltimore Sun, TSN broadcaster Jim Hughson said, "Let me make one thing perfectly clear. The one on the right is Otis Nixon." Trivia time: Who was the pitcher when Willie Mays hit the first major league home run of his career in 1951?
July 1, 1990
Re the June 24 letter from Stephen Tessler, who had to buy an "unusable" seat for "Peter Pan" for his 6-month-old infant: Excuse me if I seem unfeeling, but what kind of person would take a child that age to a legitimate theater in the first place? Mr. Tessler himself states the baby was "far too young to be a member of the audience." Even if the child were sleeping when the family entered the theater, can anyone honestly believe that it will continue to sleep through a two-hour-plus performance?
Racing's first three-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 lives here, just to the side of a county road winding toward Cottonwood Cove, down past the town cemetery to the softball field, where the sign reads: "Cross at your own risk." Cross the sandy wash, and more than likely you will find Louie Meyer--winner of the 1928, 1933 and 1936 Indy 500s--sitting on his porch, soaking up the dry warmth of a 100-plus-degree desert day.
"It's better than 'Nutcracker.' " That was one 5-year-old's unsolicited observation during the "Babes in Toyland" intermission Saturday at El Camino College's Marsee Auditorium. It was the first of four Southland stops for Troupe America's touring holiday production of the Victor Herbert operetta. Whether the pint-sized critic's assessment was based on the merits of this Mother Goose musical or on the deficiencies of a "Nutcracker" in her recent experience is unknown.
August 6, 1995 | David Kronke
In 1992, Universal Pictures released a film titled "The Babe." On Friday, Universal Pictures released a movie called "Babe." Are they the same picture? You make the call Babe Portrayed by 48 piglets, weighing roughly 16 pounds each, total weight: 768 pounds. The Babe Starring one John Goodman. Total weight somewhat under 768 pounds. Veteran character actor James Cromwell's role Babe A farmer who encourages Babe to compete in the National Grand Challenge Sheep Dog Trials.
December 1, 1987 | Scott Ostler
It's probably a few decades too late to set the record straight, but Babe Herman, the daffiest Dodger, wasn't daffy at all. Babe died last Friday. He was 84 years old. The newspaper obits recalled his legendary exploits. The time at Ebbets Field a fly ball bounced off Babe's head and over the fence for a ground-rule double. The time he doubled into a double play. "Daffiest of the Dodgers," one obituary headline read.
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