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As a child in post-World War II England, Shirley McGlade clipped a picture of movie star Jeff Chandler and put it in her wallet. That was her father, she told schoolmates--a rich American who had divorced her mother and was fighting for custody of her. "People believed me," she said. "I lived in a fantasy world."
April 9, 2014 | By Maria L. La Ganga
SEATTLE - A broken leg. A shattered ankle. A broken arm. A fractured eye socket. And a memory of terror that will be with her forever, its soundtrack an "unexplainable" noise "that will never get out of my head. " That is what Amanda Skorjanc, 25, remembers after the March 22 Oso landslide that destroyed her home, almost wiped her little town off the map and nearly killed her infant son, Duke Suddarth, who was 22 weeks old when the disaster struck. At least 36 people were killed and 10 others remain missing.
December 15, 1988 | PHYLLIS THEROUX
On Feb. 6, a baby boy was born, six weeks premature, at Sibley Hospital in Washington. His mother had been hospitalized during her pregnancy twice before--once for dehydration and again for very early labor--and the delivering obstetrician was on the lookout for more trouble. He got it. The baby didn't breathe properly and after a brief examination, he ordered him immediately transferred by ambulance to Georgetown Hospital's high-tech Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. He needed the best of care.
April 9, 2014 | By Tony Perry
SAN DIEGO - The guided-missile frigate Vandegrift returned here Wednesday with 15 officers, 190 enlisted sailors and a sick baby named Lyra. The rescue of the 1-year-old and her family from their crippled sailboat hundreds of miles out at sea was accomplished by a joint effort of the Coast Guard, California Air National Guard and the Navy, which redirected the Vandegrift from a training mission off Southern California. Avoiding the news media, Eric and Charlotte Kaufman and their two daughters - Lyra and 3-year-old Cora - disembarked at Naval Air Station North Island.
November 6, 2013 | By Karen Kaplan
Children with autism spectrum disorders usually aren't diagnosed until they are at least 2 years old, but a new study finds that signs of the condition are apparent as early as two months after birth. Researchers focused on babies' ability to make eye contact with caregivers, since lack of eye contact is one of the hallmarks of autism. Among typical children, interest in the eyes increased steadily with age. But for children with autism, interest in the eyes waned starting between 2 and 6 months of age. By the time they reached their second birthdays, levels of eye fixation among children with autism were only half as high as levels seen in typically developing children, according to a report published Wednesday by the journal Nature.
May 7, 2010
'Babies' MPAA rating: PG for cultural and maternal nudity throughout Running time: 1 hour, 20 minutes Playing: In general release
November 19, 2013 | By Amy Hubbard
The McCaughey septuplets - the first septuplets in the world all known to have survived infancy - turned 16 today. And they want to drive as soon as possible. Life for this Iowa family, which never starred in a reality TV series, is "quiet in some ways," dad Kenny McCaughey told the Des Moines Register. The kids are sophomores in high school, some have braces, play in the band, compete in sports. Their older sister attends community college.  Their 1997 birth riveted the nation.
August 15, 2012 | By Tiffany Hsu
Amid at least 95 reports of babies falling out of the popular Bumbo baby seats -- including 19 who suffered skull fractures -- the company said it is recalling nearly 4 million seats in the U.S. But instead of returning the seats to stores, South Africa-based Bumbo International Trust said customers should order a free repair kit that includes a restraint belt as well as a warning sticker cautioning against placing the seat on raised surfaces....
January 5, 2013 | Heather John
Few topics get as much airtime with new parents as the subject of sleep, or lack thereof, and few topics are as polemic as sleep training. Los Angeles is home to some of the country's most noted pediatricians, but they don't all agree on how, when or even if to train your child to sleep. A study out of Australia about the effects of sleep training on children has experts and parents talking on both sides of the debate. Published in the September issue of Pediatrics, the study looks at the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in children's brains.
June 6, 2013 | By Karen Kaplan
Talk about consistency: An estimated 3,958,000 babies were born in the U.S. in 2012, a mere 4,407 more than in 2011. That amounts to a difference of only slightly more than 0.1%. The figures were released Thursday by the National Center for Health Statistics, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Brady Hamilton and Paul Sutton noted that births in the U.S. had been on a steady decline since 2007, when a record-high 4,316,233 new Americans came into the world.
March 29, 2014 | By Kevin Amerman
Just weeks after a plea for her birth mother to step forward blazed through media outlets across the globe, Katheryn Deprill stood just one room away from the woman who abandoned her as a newborn 27 years ago in a Burger King bathroom. As she got ready to meet with her birth mother, Deprill entered the lawyer's conference room with a lifetime of questions. Why did she leave me? What does she look like? But before the answers even started, Deprill got something else.
March 19, 2014 | By Steven Zeitchik
NEW YORK - Uma Thurman is bopping around a downtown Asian-fusion restaurant in this city she calls home, having just enthusiastically ordered some of the fried specialties ("I never met a dumpling I didn't like"), her 6-foot-frame and luminous skin incongruous among the normal-sized and average-complected people around her. Thurman has a demonstrative personality that some would call actress-y, though it seems less like a put-on than simply the grand way she chooses to go through life.
March 19, 2014 | By Tony Perry
SAN DIEGO -- Good news from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park: the 8-day-old gorilla that had been struggling with pneumonia is now stable and "showing great improvement," officials said. "She's developing normally and very rapidly," said Nadine Lamberski, associate director of veterinary services at the park. The baby, as yet unnamed, was born through a rare Caesarian section after its mother experienced distress during labor. Later, the baby underwent emergency surgery for a collapsed lung and was treated for pneumonia.
March 17, 2014 | By Nardine Saad
Kate Middleton and Prince William have their hands full enough with their son Prince George, delaying any plans the royals might have for another royal baby, they revealed Monday during St. Patrick's Day festivities in England. The duke and duchess of Cambridge, 31 and 32, respectively, appeared at their first joint royal engagement of the year at Mons Barracks in Aldershot to visit the 1st Batallion Irish guards during a St. Patrick's Day parade. There, Catherine presented the officers and guardsmen with traditional sprigs of shamrocks.
March 13, 2014 | By Tony Perry
SAN DIEGO - The 22-year-old driver of a speeding Jeep that went off Interstate 8 and down a steep embankment was killed but a passenger and baby survived, the CHP said Thursday. The woman was driving a Jeep at a "high rate of speed" Wednesday night in the Alpine area of eastern San Diego County when it swerved to avoid a slower-moving vehicle. She lost control of the Jeep as it went off the freeway and down about 150 feet of steep embankment, the California Highway Patrol said.
March 6, 2014 | By Ari Bloomekatz
When Katherine Arthur started having contractions Wednesday morning, she and her husband walked from their Laguna Niguel home to their car as planned to go to the hospital. Then her water broke. "We aren't going anywhere," she told her husband, according to a report from Orange County authorities. Keith Arthur then helped his wife to the downstairs bathroom where she laid down on the floor. Then he grabbed some pillows and blankets and called 911. "Hi, my wife is having a baby at home, right now, she is in labor," Arthur told the dispatcher, according to a recording of the roughly five-minute emergency call.
June 29, 2013 | By Susan Denley
Babies love to put everything in their mouths. Add teething to the mix, and they want to gum and chew everything in sight. They also love to grab anything they get close to, including Mom's hair, jewelry, glasses, clothes -- you name it. This can wreak havoc, as anyone who's had a pierced earring tugged on can attest. Or worse, looked down to see a string of pearls coming apart as a tiny fist gives a solid yank. But there's a solution, at least when it comes to jewelry. A company called Chewbeads makes safety-tested necklaces and bracelets out of a non-toxic silicone that they say can withstand the trials of babies.
April 21, 2012 | By Alexandra Le Tellier
The vegan lifestyle isn't mainstream yet, but it's surely on its way thanks to the whole food movement inspired by the likes of "Forks Over Knives" and "Food Inc. " Trendy vegan cookbooks, blogs and personalities continue to multiply as we all get " vegucated ," as do the vegan options served at restaurants. I don't remember the last time I was in a restaurant that didn't serve kale or some sort of braised greens. Then again, this is L.A. But is pushing veganism onto children taking things too far?
March 5, 2014 | By Monte Morin
A baby infected with HIV appears to be free of the virus after doctors at a Long Beach hospital initiated aggressive drug treatment just four hours after birth. A pediatrician at Miller Children's Hospital Long Beach and her colleagues disclosed the case Wednesday at a Boston AIDS conference. The newborn girl was initially confirmed to have HIV through blood and spinal fluid tests. However, after six days of treatment with antiretroviral drugs, the virus could no longer be detected, doctors said.
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