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Bad Day

June 7, 2008 | From Times Wire Services
Wal-Mart said a reinvigorated focus on price was allowing it to beat out competitors despite a challenging retail environment. "We're winning in the marketplace. You should feel very proud," Eduardo-Castro Wright, chief executive of the U.S. division, said at the annual shareholder meeting. But Wal-Mart did not change its outlook for the year as some analysts had expected. Its stock fell $1.43 to $58.37 on a bad day on Wall Street.
July 9, 2012 | By Geoff Boucher, Los Angeles Times
In the John Sturges film "Bad Day at Black Rock," Ernest Borgnine played a thuggish desert rat named Coley Trimble who - with menace coiled in his neck and voice - memorably tried to pick a fight with Spencer Tracy's character, the movie's unwelcome outsider: "I'm half-hoss, half-alligator. You mess with me - and I'll kick a lung outta ya. Whaddya think of that?" In later decades, Borgnine's gap-toothed grin and taxi-stand bellow would make him a bear-hug presence whether he was the title character in the 1960s series "McHale's Navy," the feckless cabbie in John Carpenter's 1981 "Escape From New York" or retiree Bert O'Riley reconnecting with family in "A Grandpa for Christmas," the 2007 Hallmark Channel production that earned him a Golden Globe nomination.
July 4, 2009
A friend had a great idea. Because the Kings are so far below the cap and have no intentions of trying to win or get better, let's divide the savings between the Kings and the season-ticket holders. Because you have an extra $14 million you are taking from us and doing nothing with, let's refund season-ticket holders $7 million. That way, we get some money back and pay a fair price for a non-playoff team. Alex Zims Beverly Hills :: The first day of NHL free agency was a bad day for the Kings, but a good one for the Clippers -- they are no longer the worst-run team to call Staples Center home.
February 18, 1990
What a refreshing article Bob Sipchen writes: "Who Should Be Raising the Kids?" (Magazines, Feb. 8). Journalists are finally getting the nerve up to tell it like it is. I've encountered more bewildered and lonely children from two-income families or from families who believe it is someone else's responsibility to take care of, nurture, raise and educate their children; or (children of) mothers who place toddlers in front of the television set all day. These children feel dejected.
July 24, 1994 | Josh Mitchell
"Emoticons" used on on-line services. :-) smile, used to convey sarcasm. "Oh, right. And you only read it for the articles. :-)" ;-) wink. "I bet you say that to all the users. ;-)" :-( unhappy face. %-) crossed eyes. "I've been backing up my hard drive all day. %-)." :'-( tears. :-& tongue-tied. l-O yawn. "So I stood in line for an hour to see 'Forrest Gump.' Major l-O." O:-) angel. :-D big smile. "Thanks for your messages, made my day. :-D." :-J tongue in cheek. :-x kiss.
October 3, 1999
It was the classic bad day at the office. In fact, it was a bad day in the solar system. NASA's $125-million Mars Climate Orbiter, the first spacecraft designed to study the climate of another planet, has been lost. After a journey of 461 million miles, the spacecraft entered Mars orbit about 60 miles off course, a lot, given the precision that space missions demand.
April 20, 2002
How do you know when it's a bad day? It's not when you play for the Angels, one of the worst hitting teams (.220) in the major leagues, already 71/2 games out of first place. It is when you play for the Angels and get benched because you're batting .143 and leading the team in errors (three) and strikeouts (13). If you're Tim Salmon, the highest-paid player on the team and you get paid $9,650,000 to do it ... maybe it's not such a bad day? Chris Gagliano Redondo Beach The Angels are currently [after April 18 games]
November 21, 1987 | GUY GRUPPIE
As bad starts go, the first quarter played by Wilson High School in its City Freeway League finale against Locke Friday had to rank among the worst. Poor defense and two fumbles by the Mules helped the Saints build a 17-0 lead before many in the Locke homecoming crowd of 1,200 had found seats. Wilson played Locke about even after that, but it was hardly enough to compensate for that disastrous first quarter as the Saints defeated the Mules, 29-16.
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