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Bad Day

July 4, 2009
A friend had a great idea. Because the Kings are so far below the cap and have no intentions of trying to win or get better, let's divide the savings between the Kings and the season-ticket holders. Because you have an extra $14 million you are taking from us and doing nothing with, let's refund season-ticket holders $7 million. That way, we get some money back and pay a fair price for a non-playoff team. Alex Zims Beverly Hills :: The first day of NHL free agency was a bad day for the Kings, but a good one for the Clippers -- they are no longer the worst-run team to call Staples Center home.
February 18, 1990
What a refreshing article Bob Sipchen writes: "Who Should Be Raising the Kids?" (Magazines, Feb. 8). Journalists are finally getting the nerve up to tell it like it is. I've encountered more bewildered and lonely children from two-income families or from families who believe it is someone else's responsibility to take care of, nurture, raise and educate their children; or (children of) mothers who place toddlers in front of the television set all day. These children feel dejected.
October 3, 1999
It was the classic bad day at the office. In fact, it was a bad day in the solar system. NASA's $125-million Mars Climate Orbiter, the first spacecraft designed to study the climate of another planet, has been lost. After a journey of 461 million miles, the spacecraft entered Mars orbit about 60 miles off course, a lot, given the precision that space missions demand.
April 20, 2002
How do you know when it's a bad day? It's not when you play for the Angels, one of the worst hitting teams (.220) in the major leagues, already 71/2 games out of first place. It is when you play for the Angels and get benched because you're batting .143 and leading the team in errors (three) and strikeouts (13). If you're Tim Salmon, the highest-paid player on the team and you get paid $9,650,000 to do it ... maybe it's not such a bad day? Chris Gagliano Redondo Beach The Angels are currently [after April 18 games]
August 14, 2013 | By Chuck Schilken
A day after he defended Geno Smith against criticism from the rookie quarterback's former West Virginia teammates, New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan had some criticism for Smith himself. Only it wasn't a personal attack like the ones from the Mountaineers who questioned their ex-quarterback's leadership abilities. Ryan was simply giving an honest assessment of Smith's performance at Jets practice Wednesday. “It was brutal," Ryan said . "It was Geno's worst day. " Ryan probably isn't going to get an argument from anyone, even Smith, who threw four interceptions, including three during 11-on-11 team drills.
February 10, 1994 | From Associated Press
A long day on the road, a long night at the rink and another loss left the New York Rangers frustrated. Eric Desjardins scored 1:27 into overtime and the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Rangers, 4-3, Wednesday night for their sixth victory in a row. Because a blizzard in New York closed the airports, the Rangers rode a bus to Montreal. The trip took eight hours or, as defenseman Doug Lidster described, "three and half movies, a McDonald's and a Boston Chicken."
It had already been a lousy day for "Sex and the City" columnist Carrie Bradshaw when she tried to get on the subway. The entrance was roped off--another terrorist alert in an already skittish city had shut it down. Recognize that scene from the HBO comedy's season-opener last month? No? That's because it was filmed and discarded, deemed heavy-handed and untrue to what the city is experiencing in the summer of 2002. "Sex and the City" producers faced a delicate balancing act this season.
July 28, 1996
I am an American who enjoys watching U.S. athletes win gold medals. However, as an Irish American who took special interest in the wonderful performance of Michelle Smith, I was saddened and disappointed in the reaction to her victories. There is not a shred of evidence suggesting Ms. Smith used performance-enhancing drugs. Is it really so difficult to imagine that a 26-year-old veteran swimmer could peak at the perfect moment? Is is so difficult to accept that Janet Evans could have a bad day?
May 13, 2013 | By Chuck Schilken
The Titus Young story isn't funny anymore. Last week's news that the former Detroit Lions receiver was arrested twice in one day might have caused people to smirk or at least roll their eyes. On May 5, Young was booked on suspicion of DUI and then on suspicion of attempting to steal back his impounded car 15 hours later. Kind of amusing since neither alleged offense necessarily indicates a serious problem, but perhaps someone just having a really bad day (or a day of really bad decision making)
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