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January 4, 1987
One of your Baja photos was incorrectly captioned. Serene yet exciting, the sparkling marina you pictured borders not La Paz, but Cabo San Lucas. Pat Lile Arcadia
December 12, 1997 | PETE THOMAS
I got on the water at Irvine Lake last week just before the storm hit. The west shore was lined with fishermen, the air was full of birds. An osprey swooped down on the rippling surface and flew off into the gloomy sky clutching a silvery trout, with other ospreys in frenzied pursuit. It was indeed prime time for a little fishing, for man and bird of prey, as activity within the waterways always seems to perk up in the hours leading to a storm.
January 10, 1993
You did fairly decent coverage in your two stories on Mexico's Baja peninsula ("What a Long, Strange Drive It's Been," Nov. 8 and "The Cabo Cure," Dec. 13). For a third investigation of the lifestyle of Cabo San Lucas, I would like to suggest that you profile the colonia area, with its tar paper shacks and rutted dirt streets. What you'll find are warm, dignified, handsome people who tend to smile a lot--whose children are spotlessly clean as they go off to school in fresh laundered clothes.
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