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December 1, 2008
Re "Prop. 8 foes puzzled by jurist's seeming reversal," Nov. 25 The argument to overturn Proposition 8 because it is a constitutional revision rather than an amendment is weak. Justice Joyce L. Kennard's vote to not hear the case should serve as a wake-up call that the strategy is misguided. Marriage equality supporters should not play the numbers game. Discrimination is wrong even if 90% of voters were to vote to prevent a group the right to marry because they choose to be Mormon or Muslim, or because they are infertile or "too old."
June 25, 2011
The San Francisco ballot measure that would ban circumcision of male children is an unwarranted intrusion on family privacy, quite possibly unconstitutional and just plain wrong. And we're fairly certain the vast majority of San Franciscans see it the same way, given the public thrashing the measure has received. But some bad ideas never die; they just move on to new signature-gathering campaigns. It doesn't take many harried shoppers outside a supermarket to qualify an issue for the ballot — a similar effort emerged in Santa Monica but quickly faded away — and we can expect other measures to crop up elsewhere.
July 3, 1998
If Ken Starr is really concerned with the good of the country, he will admit he has no evidence in the original Whitewater land deal and then he can abandon his absurd investigation into sexual relations between consenting adults. Otherwise, it is obvious he is only pursuing a right-wing agenda aimed at trampling our constitutional rights while he attempts to bring down a president who couldn't be beaten at the ballot box. ROBERT SPERLING Woodland Hills I guess we'll never know, but given the list of accomplishments that President Clinton has managed during his term in office, you have to wonder what the man could accomplish if he didn't have to divert so much time and energy dealing with people such as Starr.
June 22, 2001
Once again The Times, through its right-wing political cartoonist Michael Ramirez, is demonizing public education and championing a really bad idea--vouchers (Commentary, June 18). Statewide school voucher initiatives in California have been trounced twice and have just been eliminated from President Bush's school legislation. Over the past years, over 20 states have had voucher initiatives that have all failed at the ballot box. One only needs to follow the money to see that Christian fundamentalists (as part of their wish to Christianize America)
January 1, 1989
O ur readers wrote letters throughout 1988 expressing their viewpoints on a variety of issues. Here are condensed versions of some of those letters. We appreciate their taking the time to share their viewpoints and look forward to hearing from you in 1989. To vote or not to vote? That was the question Orange County voters faced Nov. 8. That question became difficult in the 72nd Assembly District when the Orange County Republican Party sent uniformed security guards to 20 Santa Ana precincts to intimidate Hispanic voters.
April 23, 1989
School board members decided last week not to appoint a replacement for member Sarah Koch, leaving a seat vacant until a special election in November. In her resignation letter submitted April 6, Koch cited her full-time studies for a law degree as the reason for leaving. The board Wednesday selected member Roger Graziani to take Koch's place as clerk for the board, said President Christine Goudy. She said the remaining four members said they probably would not be hamstrung by 2-2 votes because split votes have been rare.
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