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December 16, 1995
Howard E. Braitman, the former director of cardiovascular surgery at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, died Thursday at his Santa Paula home of bone cancer. He was 56. Born Aug. 25, 1939, in Baltimore, Md., Braitman graduated from Cornell University in 1961 and earned his doctorate from John Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1966. A Navy surgeon in Oakland from 1971 until 1974, he moved to Ventura County in 1975.
October 27, 1996
Dr. Hugh James Davis Jr., 69, the gynecologist who invented the birth control device known as the Dalkon shield. Although he was a pioneer in laparoscopy and held more than 30 patents on medical instruments used in abdominal surgery, Davis was most praised--and most reviled--over the intrauterine device. The Food and Drug Administration suspended use of the Dalkon shield in 1974 after 11 deaths and 209 cases of spontaneous abortion. It was taken off the market in 1984.
December 11, 1989 | Dr. Neil Solomon
Question: Would there be any advantage to having one of those special drinks after exercising to replace the electrolytes that are used up, or will the regular foods you eat take care of this? Answer: Exercise results in a proportionately greater loss of water than of eletrolytes. As a result, the concentration of eletrolytes in the body increases. What an athlete needs most afer a workout is fluid. The electrolytes lost during exercise can be replaced through the foods you eat.
May 15, 1994
If "Have Sprouts, Will Travel" is your motto, take a taste of the "Vegetarian Journal's Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants in the U.S. and Canada." The 270-page paperback serves up more than 2,000 vegetarian and natural-foods restaurants in all 50 states, although you may want to pack a lunch if you're bound for Idaho or South Dakota--according to the guide, each state has only one vegetarian establishment. Although vegan and natural foods are the chief bill of fare, the guide also lists a variety of ethnic offerings.
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