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May 28, 1994
Marge Schott says only fruits wear earrings. She's the top banana of baseball in Cincinnati. But I think she's had too much of the grape. Her melon's gone bad. DONN C. IRVING Downey
June 12, 1989 | Jack Smith
My recent interest in such neglected or despised species as the bat, the sea slug and the spider has made me something of a spokesman for those who champion such lowly creatures. Carol Norris of Woodland Hills applauds my paper on the sex life of the sea slug, but notes that if I want to be "truly astonished" I should look into the sex life of the banana slug. For my edification she encloses "The Banana Slug: A Close Look at a Giant Forest Slug of Western North America," by Alice Bryant Harper (Bay Leaves Press, Aptos, Calif.
February 23, 1991
After reading the sordid details of the Bush Administration's proposed (or lack of) energy policy, it appears that in the eyes of our President, Mother Nature has ordered that the United States take three giant banana steps backwards. LORI ODELL Alta Loma
August 3, 1987
Let no American ever scoff again at the maneuvers that pass for government in so-called "banana republics." We have our own operetta: the absurd spectacle of our nation's foreign policy in the bumbling hands of a colonel and an admiral. NOEL KORN Malibu
December 1, 2002 | Hints on healthful eating aloft
I enjoyed the Nov. 10 Healthy Traveler column about taking your own food on airlines ("If Airline Fare Isn't Dishy, Bring Your Own"). I fly back to Philadelphia regularly to see my grandchildren and leave on early-morning flights. Because I don't eat eggs or pancakes with sausage -- the usual breakfast fare -- I take a banana and some cereal. I also take a plastic spoon and bowl (usually a margarine tub). When the flight attendant asks for my breakfast choice, I request a carton of milk.
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