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March 30, 1986 | JEFF SPURRIER
"If you get yourself stuck in a rut, that's it," says Adrian Remijio, 26, of the Wild Cards. "Everybody thinks you're one thing and if they like it they're not going to accept anything else from you." And for the Cypress-based Wild Cards, the "anything else" is clearly what it's all about. With a genre-bending sound the flows freely through swing, soul, jazz, funk and even a touch of rockabilly, the band is clearly playing by its own set of rules.
September 10, 1988 | MIKE BOEHM, Times Staff Writer
An old notion--that competition is healthy--certainly applies to local rock bands. A "Finals Showcase" earlier this week at Bogart's in Long Beach featured six bands from Orange County and Long Beach contending for a chance to perform at a music festival in Toronto. It produced nothing but good-to-excellent performances, highlighted by an outstanding set from Ann De Jarnett. National Peoples Gang and Chain Gang also were first-rate.
December 9, 1988 | MIKE BOEHM, Times Staff Writer
The Coach House, the leading club in Orange County for touring pop talent, will try to build an audience for home-grown music with twice-monthly bills featuring local rock groups. The first show, Dec. 23, will feature two bands from Orange County, Wood and Smoke and Imagining Yellow Suns, along with a Los Angeles group, One Day. "We'll give 'em decent days and keep the ticket prices down and see if we can make it work," said Ken Phebus, the Coach House's booking agent.
March 21, 1991 | MIKE BOEHM, Mike Boehm covers pop music for The Times Orange County Edition.
A cynic might say that anyone who still has a taste for punk rock at this late date must have done too much slam dancing without a helmet. The slammers will be there--in force--when four bands from Orange County's original punk rock wave convene for a show Saturday night at UC Irvine.
August 12, 1990 | MIKE PENNER
The mystery of the missing scoreboard at Olympiastadion remains unanswered, so let's stick with the questions raised by Saturday's clueless affair at American Bowl '90. Was there no scoreboard because the Rams and the Chiefs made one unnecessary? Or did the Rams and the Chiefs stop scoring because there was nowhere to put the points?
May 2, 1986 | RANDY LEWIS, Times Staff Writer
Virtually the only time the four members of the Bell Jar will be found in the same nightclub at the same time is during one of their own performances. But it's not because the musicians don't enjoy one another's company. "We don't go to concerts together because none of us like the same music," said bassist Anastasia Moskewich during an interview in Huntington Beach this week.
The last time Colombian rock group Aterciopelados played at J.C. Fandango in Anaheim--the steady haven for Pan American bands in Orange County--singer Andrea Echeverri threw herself off the stage into the crowd. Fans held her above their heads like the hallowed diva, the "florecita rockera" (little rock blossom), she is for most Spanish-speaking rockers.
January 11, 1988 | RANDY LEWIS, Times Staff Writer
The catastrophic fire that razed Big John's Billiards in Anaheim on Sunday morning left Orange County's rock music community collectively stunned at the destruction of one of only two places in the county where young bands could play original music. "Oh, wow! This changes everything," said an audibly shaken Jim Palmer, the independent booking agent who had brought literally hundreds of aspiring groups into the pool hall that became a nightclub each Friday and Saturday night.
In an apparent first for Orange County's dominant movie chain, the 750-seat Edwards Mesa Cinema will host a biweekly series of alternative-rock concerts, starting Friday. Most of the acts will be ska- and punk-flavored bands with a Christian message--a key element in the Edwards chain's approval of the series. But the promoters say they will try to reach a general rock audience, filtering in suitable secular bands on three of the eight scheduled nights.
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