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Barbara Boxer

October 30, 2010 | By Maeve Reston, Los Angeles Times
Over the last decade, Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer has used her political action committee to galvanize supporters behind some of her top priorities ? collecting petition signatures to ban drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or pressing for an exit strategy in Iraq ? while steadily building a list of donors that has allowed the PAC to contribute more than $1.2 million to federal candidates. By the senator's own account, the driving force behind the successes of her PAC for a Change ?
December 19, 1993 | Robert Scheer, Robert Scheer is a contributing editor to the Times
Are women a class with broad common interests? Do a welfare mother in Watts and a female executive in Beverly Hills share a common oppression that can be addressed by the women's movement? The unexamined assumption of both of these books is that they do. On the level of civil rights, both books are obviously correct: It is not difficult to postulate a common stake in equal protection of the law and freedom of opportunity.
November 19, 1995 | Nina J. Easton
It is midweek in mid-October and the Republican-controlled Congress has just launched its latest, and for them most dangerous, assault on the liberal welfare state, this time targeting Medicare and Medicaid. Barbara Boxer smears a glob of cream cheese on a bagel, picks up her freshly brewed cup of coffee and settles into one end of a couch in her warm-hued office. A dozen reporters gather around, but their questions must wait.
February 24, 2002
Sen. Barbara Boxer should be awarded the coveted Poster Girl award for financial acumen in the complex arena of pension planning ["Sponsors Fight 401(k) Plan Limits," Feb. 18]. Isn't this the same Barbara Boxer who avoided culpability and accountability in the famous House [check-kiting] scandal by claiming she didn't (or couldn't) balance her own checkbook? Ralph McCall Costa Mesa
November 4, 2004
* *--* Statewide 100% Precincts Reporting Votes % Barbara Boxer* (D) 5,599,305 58 Bill Jones (R) 3,642,425 38 Marsha J. Feinland (PF) 190,429 2 James Gray (L) 171,925 2 Don Grundmann (AI) 64,844 1 *--* *--* Los Angeles County 100% Precincts Reporting Votes % Barbara Boxer* (D) 1,704,641 67 Bill Jones (R) 734,192 29 Marsha J.
January 6, 2007 | From Times Wire Reports
Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) will lead the Senate Ethics Committee during Sen. Tim Johnson's recovery from brain surgery. Johnson (D-S.D.) has been hospitalized in critical condition since Dec. 13, when he suffered a brain hemorrhage. His doctor said his recovery was expected to take several months.
June 18, 1993 | Reuters
Anthony Rodham, brother of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Nicole Boxer, daughter of Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), are engaged, the senator's office said Thursday. They plan to be married next spring but no details were announced. Nicole Boxer, 25, is a writer and film producer in Washington.
February 2, 1999 | Associated Press
Declaring that "he has lost his perspective," Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) on Monday urged independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr to resign. "He is so determined to get this president that he is no longer an independent counsel," Boxer said at a news conference in San Francisco. "If he has a conscience, he should [resign] in a minute."
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