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August 30, 1992 | PATRICK GOLDSTEIN, Patrick Goldstein is a frequent contributor to Calendar.
Every man has his price. What's yours? --Jimmy Hoffa If Danny DeVito were a rubber band, he'd be ready to snap. For two days, the director has been trying to shoot a complicated sequence in "Hoffa," which stars Jack Nicholson as Jimmy Hoffa, dark prince of the American labor movement. Nothing is going right. The sound is garbled. Extras knock over chairs. A flock of pigeons flies across the sound stage's cavernous rafters, making a racket.
December 11, 1988
I really agree with Robert Koehler's views on Hollywood's churning out the big-budget Christmas films. But I think a point is being missed here. Kids don't care about where a movie comes from; they care if it's entertaining. That's all. Last week I took my 5-year-old daughter to see "Oliver & Company," and I had the best time I've had at a movie in years. It wasn't important to either of us if the movie was or wasn't faithful to the original.
April 19, 2009 | Helene Elliott
For the Sharks, the two days between Thursday's 2-0 loss to the Ducks and Game 2 today at HP Pavilion felt like two weeks. "I hate it. It's driving me nuts," forward Jeremy Roenick said Saturday. "It's no fun, especially when you lose. It just gives you longer to think about it." The break gave each coach time to find fault with his team. San Jose's Todd McLellan stopped a drill to bark a few choice words Saturday morning and Ducks Coach Randy Carlyle did the same a few hours later.
August 7, 1988
As a member of the "vociferous cult" of Carl Barks fans referred to in Charles Solomon's review of "Uncle Scrooge McDuck: His Life and Times" (Book Review, July 10), I was a bit disappointed with its treatment of the book and Barks' career. No mention was made that this book originally came out in a pricey limited edition in 1981 or that a cloth version is also available; also that Dell only distributed the Disney comics--actually Western Publishing produced and published them.
April 13, 2004
Re "Yes, You Might Really Look Like a Dog, Study Says," April 4: With the state being in the financial crisis that it is, how in the world can UC San Diego afford to fund a study that concludes people often keep dogs that resemble themselves? More decisions of that nature and UC San Diego will look like a dog! Alan McCall Garden Grove
September 3, 1991
David Ferrell's "Barking Meters: Relentless Howling of Pets at Night Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor" (Part B, Aug. 22) could not have been more accurate had he been a victim. On the other hand, he may be writing from experience! Despite a file, thick as two fingers, replete with complaints against my neighbor's dog, I feel that the Los Angeles County Castaic Animal Care & Control Center, not having much authority other than to issue warnings, has dismissed my case as one of a "crank."
December 20, 2002 | Mark Heisler
With apologies to Jefferson -- that's Richard of New Jersey, not Thomas of Virginia -- this dog may not be dead, but it has seen better days. Before the struggling Lakers met the not-red-hot-themselves Nets Thursday night in the (chortle) Rematch of Last Season's Finalists, Laker Coach Phil Jackson noted that 20 losses at this time of year "would be devastating for us to overcome." Then the Lakers went out and notched Loss No. 17, convincingly, 98-71.
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