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Baseball Field

January 12, 1991
Regarding the article by Steven K. Wagner, "They're Left to Wonder What Might Have Been" (Jan. 7), thanks for rekindling my thoughts and emotions about Bill Seinsoth. I had the opportunity to play against him during grade school and junior high school and joined the ranks with him in 1964 and 1965 at Arcadia High. The smiling intensity that he had on the baseball field was also displayed on the hardwood. I have often envisioned my "Field of Dreams" with a Bill Seinsoth and think of what might have been.
September 4, 1988
Last month Channel 4 sportscaster Bret Lewis showed highlights of an excellent play made on the baseball field followed by footage of a well-endowed woman in a tank top. Lewis' commentary: "Take a bow; these two are for you." Surely Lewis and Channel 4 management are aware of the responsibility those who work in television have in combating the sexist attitudes found in our society. It is not enough for broadcasters to say they only mirror our values; television is too pervasive for the medium not to lead us to a better understanding of each other.
City Council members went to bat recently for sluggers in the San Juan Capistrano Little League, voting for a new baseball field at the city's Sports Park. Under the plan, the park's existing softball diamond would be converted during Little League season, February through June, to a baseball field exclusively for senior and major league players 10 to 15 years old. Some residents have opposed the new field, saying that it will have a negative effect on other local sports organizations.
May 22, 1992 | LARRY SPEER
The Ojai Unified School District board of trustees has negotiated a compromise between two groups of residents who have argued for weeks over a youth baseball field. The squabble over the use of baseball fields at Nordhoff High School pitted parents of Pony League baseball players against homeowners who live near the school, around La Paz Drive and Taormina Lane.
August 7, 1998 | CHRIS CEBALLOS
Despite protests from neighbors, the City Council voted to erect 12 light standards for the baseball field at Crown Valley Elementary School. A dozen homeowners spoke at the council meeting this week against the lighting of the baseball field. Most complained that the noise from Little League games and the glare of the lamps would be unpleasant and lower their property values. "My weekends were ruined when field improvements were made," said Todd Holliday, who lives near the elementary school.
March 11, 1998 | MIKE TERRY
Manny Rodriguez, who guided Magnolia to three consecutive Orange League baseball titles, has resigned as coach to oversee the expansion of his landscaping business. He also left because of continued frustration at the school's inability to raise money to improve equipment and facilities. "It's tough to run a business and coach," Rodriguez said Tuesday. "And with the limited funds, it's tough at Magnolia.
February 8, 1990 | DICK WAGNER
A coat of dew on its green coat, the refurbished baseball field at Cal State Long Beach glistened in the early morning sun. Ballparks that reflect great care tend to be beautiful, especially when they sit in solitude, and this one was no exception. The infield had been re-sodded and the outfield was a smooth carpet of Bermuda-bred grass. A friendly man named Tom Burroughs, the 41-year-old groundskeeper, grinned and said: "Five hundred thousand square feet.
March 5, 1992
FOR AGES 30 AND OVER Sign-ups for the North County division of the Men's Senior Baseball League will be held at 11:30 a.m. Sunday at Fallbrook High School varsity baseball field. Players do not have to try out for teams; they will be assigned to a squad. "Our policy is to give everyone a chance to play, to give people the experience of playing baseball," division president Dan Piro said.
September 6, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
A small aircraft plummeted into a park in Tulsa and burst into flames after hitting a guide wire from a communications tower, killing all five people on board, investigators said. The six-passenger plane was on its way to Dallas when it crashed amid heavy fog near a baseball field, said Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. George Brown. "The wings came off. The engine came off," Brown said. "When it hit, it rolled. It did catch fire. It rolled at least a couple of times, ejecting the occupants."
May 18, 1996 | MIMI KO CRUZ
City Council members have decided to name a baseball field at Esteli Park after Richard T. Gross, a longtime community volunteer who coached city sports leagues. Gross, who died in 1991, coached several youth sport teams, and city officials this week overwhelmingly agreed that the field should bear his name. Mayor Steven C. Anderson and Councilman Juan M. Garcia called Gross a good friend and unselfish man who was committed to the youth of the community.
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