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Kyle Abbott couldn't wait for tonight's All-Star game. Not that the Philadelphia Phillie rookie left-hander will play in it. Heck, he probably won't even watch it on television or listen to it on the radio. Nope. What Abbott wants out of this three-day break in the major league schedule is to catch a break himself, a brief respite from the miserable season he has endured thus far. Abbott, once a top prospect in the Angels' organization, is living a pitcher's nightmare.
July 25, 2001 | From Staff and Wire Reports
Ian Thorpe of Australia powered to his second world record in three days Tuesday in the World Championships at Fukuoka, Japan. Michael Phelps of the U.S. also smashed a world record, breaking his mark in the 200-meter butterfly with a time of 1:54.58. Thorpe's two records are his 10th and 11th in individual long-course events. He won three Olympic gold medals at Sydney, Australia, last year and already has three world titles at Fukuoka.
April 30, 1995
I never cease to be amazed at the naivete of the American traveler abroad. Jo Giese's idea of staying at a B&B in Europe is that she automatically is invited to become a member of the family who owns the B&B and to share in their intimate family life ("Bed & Breakdown," April 9). In reality, in Europe a B&B is a way for families to supplement their income by renting out rooms in their home for a fee. Breakfast is included since most restaurants in Europe do not open until lunchtime. So, the B&B idea is you get a bed to sleep in and breakfast so that you can continue your travel.
April 5, 1998
The March 29 article on Prop. BB school repair bonds suggests to me three basic problems: 1) too much bureaucratic pollution, 2) not enough locomotion and 3) too much slow motion. While nothing is going on, the students and the teachers are assuming the guilt of the administration. What a sad situation. MAL GOODMAN, Huntington Park
April 30, 1989
My wife and I just returned from a week's stay at the House of Blue Ginger, a B&B at 47-504A Lulani St., Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744 on Oahu. We confirm Jerry Hulse's tip in an earlier column. It is a marvelous alternative to staying in Waikiki. HELEN AND GERALD LERMAN Culver City
January 22, 1995
Regarding Charles Solomon's "Paperbacks" review of "Mississippi History" (Oct. 30), please be advised that "Yarbrough's fictional Delta town of Indianola" is, indeed, not fictional but an existing town. Further, it is where famed blues singer B.B. King is from! LAWRENCE COHN, BEVERLY HILLS
It's just another nondescript building in an industrial park wedged between the freeway and train tracks in Laguna Niguel. A transmission place is next door. An auto body shop is across the driveway. Olympic training site? Not likely, unless demolition derby is the newest Olympic sport. But in the parking lot there is a sign posted outside the building: "Attention: Do Not Expose or Handle Firearms in the Parking Lot." The building houses an indoor shooting range. Bill Demarest, U.S.
November 8, 1998
Regarding the letter from M.C. Gomme ("B&B Wake-Up Call," Aug. 2): The reader warns U.S. and Canadian B&B owners that their prices are too high compared to Irish B&Bs. Did she consider that property values in Ireland are much lower than those in the U.S. and Canada? Even those innkeepers charging $180 are not ripping off their guests but merely making a decent living. Having just stayed at an English B&B that might be considered economy ($85 for three of us), trust me: The little things that the American public demands, such as washcloths, snack service during the day, tissues in the room, parking, suitcase racks, private bath and a shower on the same floor as the room, were not available.
June 22, 1986
I very much appreciate your printing the May 18 letter from Frank Dessayer objecting to hotels and inns calling themselves B&Bs. My friends and I have often discussed this matter. We have stayed at bona fide B&B places in homes and apartments a number of times and found them to be exactly what we were looking for and a very pleasant experience. I wonder why charming and even elaborate inns find it necessary to call themselves B&Bs; perhaps motels which furnish a free continental breakfast will be next to call themselves "B&B inns."
July 9, 2000
No amount of words or tears or regrets can breathe life back into the tiny body of Nancy Gomez, the Ojai Valley 1-year-old who died last week after being struck in the head by a shot from a BB gun. Not the sorrow of her 8-year-old brother, who accidentally shot her while fooling around with the gun in the family's front yard. Not the grief of their mother, who was at home when her son and a 12-year-old cousin stepped outside to play. She didn't realize that the boy had taken the BB gun with him.
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