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January 22, 2005
What did UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero do, get his football and basketball coaches at a two-for-one sale? Karl Dorrell almost beats USC and lays an egg against WAC opponent Wyoming. Ben Howland almost beats Arizona, then gets embarrassed by an overachieving Stanford team (the eighth time in a row at Pauley, no less). Key word, guys: "almost." Patrick McMahon Hermosa Beach
November 22, 1997
T.J. Simers observes that the only thing to do in Kansas City is to "Watch the temperature drop." What does one do in a city with no football team and no discernible temperature drop? T.J., Los Angeles makes Kansas City look like New Orleans at Mardi Gras. GARY DURRETT Glendale Now let's see. Kansas City beats Denver (without Elvis), Detroit kills Minnesota, Tampa Bay stomps New England, New Orleans beats Seattle, Atlanta wins in St. Louis and the worst team in the league beats the Super Bowl champions.
March 20, 2008
Of course living in the Valley is less expensive. That's because it is a lousy location, with summer typically 10 degrees hotter, ruder drivers and no ocean. On the other hand, the cemeteries there are excellent. I hope to be dead there someday, which I guess means it beats Philadelphia. Norman Green Los Angeles
November 20, 1988
Love "Live With Regis and Kathie Lee." It is a genuinely fun-filled hour that starts my day wonderfully. We could use a few dozen more shows like it. Sure beats dumb sitcoms and anything involving Geraldo Rivera. Helen Strauss, Marina del Rey
September 3, 2006
Of course Krispy Kreme's La Habra store closed -- its sickly sweet doughnuts are nothing special and were never deserving of the hype they received ("Nothing Left but the Hole in the Middle," Aug. 18). I've always preferred the considerably fresher and far tastier doughnuts and pastries from my local mom-and-pop store. Made with love beats made by a chain any day. John Pattison El Monte
July 6, 1991
I feel very sorry for Lyle Alzado and I pray he beats his cancer and makes a full recovery. But being critically ill doesn't make him a hero. He thought that by taking steroids he would have an advantage over his opponents and so be able to beat them. That isn't winning, it's cheating. He was stupid. JOHN PAUL WHITE Moreno Valley
December 30, 1989
George Allen is teaching something that the Los Angeles Times will never understand. America loves a winner and will not tolerate a loser. George Allen teaches the most valuable lesson a person will ever learn: In every "skid row bum," in every "loser" beats the heart of a winner. With George Allen, even if you lose, you win. You win character and courage to go on and prepare to win the next battle. DON HICKS Chino Hills
November 16, 1996
Instead of spending $50 for the Tyson-Holyfield fight, I rented the film "The Harder They Fall," which is the story of a boxer, who, with the help of a shady promoter, beats up and knocks out stiffs before finally fighting a real fighter and getting knocked out. Does that ring a bell? MARC POPKIN Brentwood No way, Jose. The fix was in. Holyfield has never had a punch and always gets beaten up. Tyson never lets an opponent tie him up and always fights in a rage. Boxing isn't like football, where on a given day any team can beat any other.
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