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Beauty Contest

February 8, 2012 | Mark Z. Barabak
The road to the Republican presidential nomination just got longer, steeper and less predictable. Mitt Romney is still the prohibitive front-runner as the race heads now to Arizona and Michigan. He alone has the financial and organizational wherewithal to stay in the race and fight in every contest through the last big day of balloting, on June 5. But by losing three out of three Tuesday contests to Rick Santorum - two of them in blowouts - Romney underlined several of the weaknesses of his candidacy, starting with his failure to connect with the GOP's most conservative voters.
December 23, 1996
Re the commentary in support of beauty contests for women (Dec. 4), I am wondering why we don't have male beauty contests. Men are certainly beautiful! Yet, we don't see men parading across a stage, competing with each other for recognition of their physical attributes. If beauty contests "validate the wonderful difference between the sexes," as Susan Carpenter McMillan states, we're missing the other half. Let's have beauty contests for men! RUTH D. SHAPIN Orange
November 9, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
A Cal State Fullerton student who became the first Afghan in three decades to take part in an international beauty pageant could face trial if she returns to her homeland, an official said. Fazel Ahmad Manawi, deputy head of Afghanistan's Supreme Court, said Vida Samadzai, 23, betrayed Afghan culture by appearing at the Miss Earth contest in a bikini. He said prosecutors might open an investigation, but he wouldn't say what charges she could face.
March 18, 1987 | Associated Press
A student at an institute for railroad engineers in Irkutsk near the Mongolian border has won Siberia's first beauty contest, Soviet news media reported Tuesday. The newspaper Sovietskaya Rossiya said 10,000 young women participated in a contest sponsored by the Young Communist League and labor unions. Lyudmilla Semdyakina was judged the "most charming and attractive," the newspaper said.
February 25, 1993 | STEPHANIE SIMON
Thousand Oaks will hold its second annual City Beautiful competition this spring to recognize residents' efforts to spruce up their properties, Councilman Frank Schillo has announced. The City Council on Tuesday allocated $4,500 to fund the awards program, which offers prizes in 12 categories, including most environmentally sensitive landscaping, most improved exterior and best mini-mall. Homeowners can also win for creative design and good upkeep of their houses, condominiums or apartments.
July 26, 1991 | TERRY PRISTIN
A 26-year-old former beauty contestant filed a lawsuit Thursday alleging that Miss America Pageant rules discriminate against deaf people by discouraging them from using a sign-language interpreter. Julie Rems, a deaf social worker from Sherman Oaks, contended at a news conference that her chances of winning this year's Miss Culver City Scholarship Pageant were thwarted last March when she insisted on using an interpreter despite rules barring contestants from receiving assistance onstage.
Light does not easily penetrate the clouded story of Betty Short, a 22-year-old unemployed cashier and waitress whose body was found cut in half and gruesomely mutilated 50 years ago this month in a vacant lot in Southwest Los Angeles. The unsolved killing remains Los Angeles' premier myth noir, a tale of a tragic beauty clad in black, prowling the night life, a cautionary fable that rings as true today as it did in 1947. The legend insists on a shadowed, epic tone.
January 19, 1987 | Associated Press
A wheelchair-bound woman who danced and modeled a swimsuit and nightgown in a local beauty contest Sunday night failed to win but says she has no regrets. "I've had a really good time here and I think that we've realized that there are more important things than winning," said Maria Serrao, 23. The title of Miss Solano went to Terri Zorn, 18, of Suisun City, who won out over 21 other contestants .
August 22, 1992 | From Associated Press
The mayor of this City of Brotherly Love tried to prove that motto Friday by assisting contestants in a beauty pageant that never went on because it apparently went broke. Mayor Edward Rendell arranged for a buffet lunch of donated food in his City Hall reception room, and for free lodging, courtesy tours and meals until the remaining contestants return home this weekend.
September 6, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
Swaziland's King Mswati III, sub-Saharan Africa's last absolute monarch, has chosen a 16-year-old beauty contestant as his 13th wife after the traditional Reed Dance ceremony at which about 20,000 women and girls danced topless. The Times of Swaziland said the Miss Teenage Swaziland finalist was in seclusion. The palace does not comment on the 36-year-old king's marriages. His father had more than 40 wives.
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