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Cosmetics maven Cristina Carlino had an epiphany five years ago on Christmas Day. She was in a serious relationship, but it turned out her partner was not, so she was alone on a holiday hike in the Arizona desert. Devastated by her parents' divorce and seemingly alienated from her siblings, Carlino felt completely alone. In a split second, she looked up and saw a rainbow. "Something in me completely shifted, as if I had a healing."
September 9, 2012 | By Alene Dawson, Los Angeles Times
It's a notion ingrained early: September, the start of the traditional school year, is a time to start over. For the nonstudent, that may mean cleaning out your closets, enrolling in an exercise class or recommitting to New Year's resolutions. It's also a good time to review your beauty routines. You should always get rid of products that are past their expiration dates, of course. And we checked with some experts about what else to toss, keep and add this season. Makeup Tim Quinn , national director of creative artistry, Giorgio Armani Beauty Toss Heavy powder and heavy oil-based foundations: "With most of the new foundations and new technology, you don't even need a powder … this whole idea of setting your makeup is almost obsolete.
February 9, 2014 | By Susan Denley
Former model Babette loves living "off the grid," as she puts it on her website. But that doesn't mean, ever, letting herself go. On the subject, she says: Philosophy: "It's important to keep up appearances, even when no one is looking. " Exercise: "A body in motions stays in motion. " Her friend Kathryn Moore attests that Babette routinely walks five miles a day. Skin: She likes a sun-kissed look but tans easily, so doesn't overdo it. Beauty products: "What I can find in the drugstore, nothing expensive, whatever works.
October 1, 2011 | By Spencer Soper
Elmer Goris spent a year working in an warehouse, where books, CDs and other products are packed and shipped to customers who order from the world's largest online retailer. The 34-year-old said he quit in July because he was frustrated with the heat and demands that he work mandatory overtime. Working conditions at the warehouse near Allentown, Pa., got worse earlier this year, especially during summer heat waves when temperatures in the warehouse soared above 100 degrees, he said.
July 26, 2005 | Jia-Rui Chong, Times Staff Writer
For many Southern Californians, summer is the season for beaches, chaise longues and the quest for the perfect tan. Not for Margaret Qiu. She and thousands of other Asian American women are going to great lengths to avoid the sun -- fighting to preserve or enhance their pale complexions with expensive creams, masks, gloves, professional face scrubs and medical procedures.
Heaven in a jar, my friend Carla calls it. Walking toward the skin-care counter, I wonder what's in the baby-blue cream she swears makes her feel as if she's had a "mini-face lift." The lavender-scented cream, the sales rep says, is made from a "patented copper peptide complex" used on burn victims' ravaged skin and diabetics' slow-healing wounds. If it can stimulate the production of collagen for them, he says, consider the power it could unleash on aging skin--a casualty of collagen breakdown.
September 22, 1997
The state Department of Health Services on Friday warned consumers to avoid using Epil-Stop Hair Removal System, a depilatory cream used to remove hair from the body. The product has caused severe skin burns, according to Health Director Kim Belshe. The health department has received numerous complaints of burning shortly after the product is applied to the skin. Some of the burning was accompanied by swelling, blistering and skin discoloration, according to officials.
October 3, 2010 | By Elaine Woo, Los Angeles Times
Vera Brown, a skin care specialist with a star-studded clientele who sponsored beauty clinics for thousands of blind teens, delinquent girls, homeless women and cancer patients in Los Angeles, died Sept. 24 at her Westwood home. She was 90 and had been in poor health for the last year, said her daughter, Angela. For more than 25 years, Brown operated two luxurious spas ? Vera's Retreat in Tarzana and Vera's Retreat in the Glen in Bel-Air ? with a client list that included such celebrities as Chris Evert, Whitney Houston, Nicole Kidman and Jane Seymour.
August 23, 2009 | Susan Carpenter
If you don't wear animals on your body, chances are you're loath to smear one on your face. And even if an animal byproduct isn't used in a moisturizer or a blush, those who don't eat or wear products of any kind from beings that walk, fly or swim have another concern. They want to know that the goods they use weren't tested on animals. Satisfying the demand for products that fit those descriptions is an über-niche market in the cosmetics industry: vegan beauty products. An extension of so-called natural beauty products, which largely eschew petrochemical ingredients, vegan items restrict their ingredient lists even further by prohibiting beeswax (which is often used in lip balms and mascaras)
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