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Beckman Laser Institute

January 13, 1989 | BILL BILLITER, Times Staff Writer
The doctors said Sid Vicious, the snake, was a perfect patient. But dealing with the news media, they said, was a zoo. Sid Vicious, an 8-foot boa constrictor owned by Mission Viejo High School, underwent laser treatment at UC Irvine on Thursday afternoon for cancer of the mouth. Laser specialists and veterinarians working on the snake proclaimed the therapy a success. But "the flash cameras in the operating room were driving me crazy," one veterinarian said.
November 26, 1996 | John O'Dell, John O'Dell covers major Orange County corporations, manufacturing and economic issues for The Times. He can be reached at (714) 966-5831 and at
Orange County's business gurus are pushing hard to establish a network of technology innovation centers to nurture new businesses the way the county's agricultural forebears nurtured their crops. The Orange County Business Council is leading the effort. The group has about $200,000 in federal funding from a defense conversion program grant to set up a business incubation center.
September 1, 1995 | RENEE TAWA
Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) on Thursday railed against proposed Medicare cuts to a Leisure World audience of more than 600, jolting 76-year-old Bernice Yoffe into worrying what the drastic reductions would mean. "We don't know what tomorrow's going to bring," said Yoffe, adding that she is in good health. "I could break my hip tomorrow, and who's going to take care of me, and who's going to pay for it, and what nursing home am I going into that we can afford?"
October 11, 1998
The Orange County Voices column by James Doti and Robert Elliot on Oct. 4, raising the specter of biomedical device "brain drain" from Orange County, is timely because there are already embryonic signs of this happening. The academic and business sectors should address the problems head-on. The local colleges and universities must play key roles. It is these institutions that train many students who are the work force for these companies. They can provide much of the new innovative technologies that either are licensed to companies or serve as the basis for start-up companies.
May 28, 1988 | Bob Drogin
Campaigning for President is a strange and wondrous thing, often requiring candidates to don unusual costumes, accept odd gifts or perform peculiar tasks. During the New Hampshire primary, for example, Democratic candidate Michael S. Dukakis appeared grateful--if puzzled--when Manchester police officials gave him a token of their esteem: A large brick from their old building. In West Virginia, he got a lump of coal.
Charles W. Hester of Corona del Mar, a prominent philanthropist and real estate developer, died Thursday at age 82. Hester, founder and president of Hester Development Co., died at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, where he was one of the founding board members and had served as chairman, hospital officials said. "Charley and his wife, Nora, are one of the major reasons why Orange County residents have the health care services that are available today," said Michael D.
Arnold O. Beckman, Donald Bren and Joan Irvine Smith, who have long been leading supporters of UC Irvine, are the recipients of a new honor established by the UCI Foundation. Beckman, founder of Beckman Instruments, Bren, chairman and owner of The Irvine Co., and Smith, a renowned philanthropist, have been named trustees emeriti of the foundation.
March 17, 1998 | PATRICE APODACA
Business-incubator projects are an increasingly popular method of nurturing entrepreneurial start-ups and spurring economic development. They've taken root throughout the country in high-tech hotbeds in the Northeast and in the Bay Area. In Los Angeles, USC's EC2 Annenberg Incubator project has enjoyed a high profile in the business community. But in Orange County, such a facility has been noticeably lacking.
September 3, 1987 | BILL BILLITER, Times Staff Writer
UC Irvine raised more than $21 million in private donations during the past academic year, setting a record for gifts to the relatively young campus. "We think these donations show we're competitive with the older, major universities," said John Miltner, vice chancellor for university advancement at the 21-year-old institution. Miltner's office will release a report this week on the record-breaking $21,555,000 in gifts UCI received in the 1986-87 academic year.
July 7, 1995 | LEN HALL
Fauna, the rare, blind, 13-year-old Santa Catalina Island fox whose travails have made her an Avalon celebrity, is returning home. Dr. Matt Wyatt on Thursday declared the five-pound fox recovered from an unusual and experimental form of laser surgery for her most recent malady, a cancerous tumor in her ear, and will escort her by boat back to Avalon on Saturday.
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