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June 8, 2013 | By Charles Perry
One of the things that makes beer different from wine - apart from the fact that people don't wear funny hats to a wine tasting - is the range of flavorings that can be added to it: fruit, nuts, spices, coffee, chocolate; the list goes on. To make this beer, High Water Brewing throws 100 pounds of graham crackers into the brewing kettle. Yes, graham crackers, which may sound a bit gimmicky but, in fact, are quite successful. This is a stout, so expect caramel and molasses flavors, and like a lot of present-day stouts, its mash includes chocolate malt, so there's a trace of that.
June 6, 2013 | By John Verive
Planning to head to into the wilds of the Sierra Nevadas this summer? Your options for craft beers made in the shadow of California's peaks are as plentiful as the trails and secret campsites, and a new brewpub has opened just south of the entrance of Yosemite Park where you can fuel up for your adventures. The Sierras have long been a fertile ground for craft breweries, and besides the massively successful Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Chico there are several well-regarded craft breweries dotting the wilderness.
June 5, 2013 | By John Verive
There's more than pride and the Stanley Cup on the line as the reigning champion Los Angeles Kings defend their title against the Chicago Blackhawks -- this year, the customary wager between mayors includes local craft beer. It is a long-standing tradition for the mayors of each city involved in a sports championship to wager some signature items from their cities on the outcome, and this year Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel staked dozens of Italian beef sandwiches and slices of cheesecake, and three cases of local Chicago brewery Goose Island's 312 Lager on the Blackhawks.
June 3, 2013 | By John Verive
There's a new local brew that's made for Summer fun: Golden Road Brewing's Cabrillo Kolsch is now available in cans, and the Atwater Village brewery is celebrating with a no-cover, all-ages concert at the Roxy on Tuesday, June 4th. Kolsch beers are known for being light and crisp with a subtle fruitiness from the cool fermentation. They are a delicate style that is approachable, easy drinking, and perfect to help you cool-off during the warm summer days. Jesse Houck -- the new brewmaster at Golden Road -- is known for his dry, hoppy beers.
May 31, 2013 | By John Verive
Pasadena has long been at the forefront of craft brewing in Los Angeles, and while there are not many operating breweries in the city, there are some great bars and restaurants that make Pasadena a destination for craft beer fans. Here are some suggestions to get you started on exploring the beery side of Pasadena, and they are (nearly) all accessible via the Metro Gold Line. Stone Company Store: Pasadena is home to Craftsman Brewing Co., one of the first and most respected craft breweries in Los Angeles, but Craftsman doesn't offer a public taproom.
May 29, 2013 | By Geoffrey Mohan
Move over C3PO, Cornell University computer science geeks have created a robot that can tell if you want a beer and pour it for you. Barristas also may want to wake up and smell the coffee too. This robot can guess whether students are hankering for java and pour it for them. Kodiak the robot was as handy with a lager as with a latte, could open refrigerator and microwave doors and even tidy up, say the human robotics researchers. In tests, the hard-wired humanoid correctly anticipated a student's next move between 57% and 82% of the time, depending on how far into the future it was "anticipating.
May 25, 2013 | By Adolfo Flores
Thirsty beachgoers and barbecuers will be paying more for their cheap beer this Memorial Day weekend, one of the nation's biggest drinking holidays. Two recent studies found that prices for low-cost beers have been steadily climbing at bars and restaurants across the U.S. Prices for popular brands such as Natural Ice, Miller High Life and Busch have jumped 6.8% in the last seven months - and analysts say they could keep climbing. The biggest jump in America's cheap beer offerings: hipster favorite Pabst Blue Ribbon.
May 24, 2013 | By John Verive
Hipsters are making beer more expensive, or at least that's the argument that's been popular the last couple of days. But the brewing industry -- run by enormous multinational conglomerates -- has been planning price hikes for years.  First appearing in the New York Daily News , the quote that launched a thousand Facebook shares was from Chuck Ellis, head of a research group called Restaurant Sciences that looks at trends in the restaurant industry:...
May 23, 2013 | By Rosemary McClure
If you're a baseball fan, you probably know that the Omni San Diego Hotel offers a unique tie to the game: It overlooks Petco Park , with a pedestrian skywalk connecting the hotel to the action. It's the only hotel in the nation attached to a major league ballpark. The Omni offers visitors other perks too. It's in the historic Gaslamp Quarter across from the convention center and is convenient to other city sites.  But the hotel really shines in summer, when the ballpark is in use. The deal: Celebrate America's pastime with the "Beer, Brats and Baseball" package, which starts at $289 and offers lodging, plus two tickets to a P adres game, beer and brats.
May 22, 2013 | By John Verive
For too long, lagers have been derided and marginalized in the American craft brewing scene, but the unfair treatment of ale's more refined cousin is beginning to change. When many beer drinkers hear "lager" they immediately think of the thin, watery brews produced by America's giant, industrial breweries, but there is much more to lager beer. Broadly, lager refers to a brewing process and a specific family of yeasts that make up the younger side of beer's family tree. Ales are more common and popular, at least in the craft beer world, and they are defined by the strains of yeast that sit on top of the beer while fermenting at a warm temperature (60 to 70 degrees)
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