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Bench Press

April 12, 2010 | By Carrie Luger Slayback, Special to the Los Angeles Times
My fourth-grade teacher called me "the teeny weeny girl with the teeny weeny voice." My dad delighted in telling about the time he came upon a group of kids playing house in our backyard. He overheard one of my playmates find out I was the mom and comment in disbelief, "That runt the mother?" Now do you wonder why I've had lifelong issues of feeling like a shrimpy impostor cast in the role of adult? As a teacher, mom and runner, I've looked upon successes as happenstance gained more from luck than skill.
April 12, 1990 | HARLEY TINKHAM
Wilt Chamberlain collected more rebounds than anyone in NBA history, but he cheated himself out of even more. Harvey Pollack, Philadelphia 76er statistician, recalled that Chamberlain once complained that statisticians were short-changing him on rebounds and took the complaint to owner Eddie Gottlieb. At the next game, Gottlieb had a friend of Wilt's, Vince Miller, keep his own rebounding statistics.
September 11, 1998 | MIKE BRESNAHAN
College recruiters were apprehensive about Nevada Blonstein's ankle and back injuries, so the Notre Dame High senior setter began a grueling workout schedule. Sometimes she rises at 4:45 a.m., other days, she begins her workout at 9 p.m. Squats, bench press, more squats, more bench press. In less than a month of working with Mark Hoffman, a pro beach volleyball athletic trainer, Blonstein has added four pounds of muscle and lost 5% body fat.
September 7, 2003 | John Horn, Times Staff Writer
Producer Marc Abraham is accustomed to A-list attitude. After all, he's made movies with Kevin Costner and Harrison Ford. So when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson approached Abraham on the very first day of filming "The Rundown," the producer was ready for the usual laundry list of diva demands. "I want you to know that if there's anything you ever want to tell me about my acting ... " Johnson began, as Abraham waited for the punch line, " ... be sure to let me know."
Rick Kimbrel, editor of the Woodland Hills-based Blue Chip Illustrated magazine, hasn't had to travel far this year to evaluate several of the top college football prospects. Six of the players on The Times' 1993 Terrific 22 play football in the Valley area. "Right now, (1993) may not be as solid as last year with all of the quarterbacks and wide receivers, but it could get better," Kimbrel said.
October 2, 1985 | TOM HAMILTON, Times Staff Writer
Dave Elecciri, Capistrano Valley High School assistant football coach, sits in the Cougars' weight room with the same sense of pride that a young couple has in their first home. The room is filled with enough barbells, weights and weight machines to satisfy the body building appetites of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lou Ferrigno. The walls are lined with slogans such as "If There's No Pain, There's No Gain" and "Whatever a Weak Muscle Can Do, A Stronger One Can Do It Better."
November 16, 2003 | Mike Bresnahan, Times Staff Writer
Defenseman Maxim Kuznetsov, delayed in Russia for more than two months because of visa problems, continues to work his way into game shape after joining the team last week. "He needs work," Coach Andy Murray said. "He's going to get lots of it. He missed training camp and he's got to get quicker, get better endurance. He's got to do everything." Kuznetsov is expected to take a fitness test Monday or Tuesday that includes bench press, vertical jump and grip strength.
Cal running back Russell White will join 60 of the state's top graduated high school football players tonight at 7 for the 41st Shrine all-star football game at Veterans Stadium in Long Beach. White, who played in the 1989 Shrine game after his senior season at Crespi High, has been designated the grand marshal this year. "Russell was chosen as a symbol of the new direction the game is trying to go," said Mark Tennis, the game's media relations coordinator.
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