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Berlin Wall

May 14, 1987 | From Reuters
East Germany on Wednesday denied Western reports of a shooting two days ago at the Berlin Wall that local residents said appeared to be a foiled escape bid. A one-line statement issued by the official ADN news agency said: "Reports by West Berlin agencies that residents of the (district of) Luebars heard shots and the speculation arising from this are without any basis in truth."
June 14, 1987 | From Reuters
The Soviet Communist Party newspaper Pravda on Saturday called President Reagan's appeal for the demolition of the Berlin Wall a display of "bare-faced anti-Sovietism." Pravda said Reagan's speech Friday in West Berlin, in which he appealed directly to Kremlin leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev to tear down the wall, was a hypocritical attempt to disguise the reasons for the barrier's construction.
November 1, 2009 | Associated Press
Three statesmen who oversaw the fall of the Berlin Wall, which led to the collapse of communism in Europe, gathered here Saturday to reflect on the changes they helped usher in 20 years ago. Former President George H.W. Bush; the last Soviet leader, Mikhail S. Gorbachev; and former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl were honored at a ceremony in Berlin. Kohl, 79, who went on to become the first chancellor of a reunited Germany, recalled the heady days that led up to the Nov. 9, 1989, collapse of the wall and Washington's and Moscow's willingness to let it fall.
January 29, 1986 | Associated Press
Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, touring the city where Adolf Hitler plotted the extermination of millions of Jews, today visited the site where the Nazi dictator's would-be assassins were executed. At the 29-mile-long Berlin Wall that since 1961 has slashed the city into a Communist eastern sector and a western part, Peres said: "Walls come, walls go, but the human spirit remains."
February 12, 1997 | JIM MANN
With an offhand remark at his last news conference, President Clinton laid bare the assumptions that underlie the administration's current approach to China--and, at the same time, all the problems and contradictions inherent in his policy. Let's call it Clinton's "Berlin Wall" theory about China. He told the news conference that liberty is bound to increase in China over time.
April 27, 1986 | GORDON E. ROWLEY, Rowley is an Esmond, R.I., free-lance writer.
Just after midnight on May 5, 1963, a red Austin Healey Sprite approached the barrier on the eastern side of the Berlin Wall at Checkpoint Charlie. The top of the sports car was down, the windshield was missing, and at the wheel was Heinz Meixner, 20, an Austrian lathe operator. He showed his passport to the East German guard, who waved him on to the customs shed.
January 11, 1986 | From Reuters
A group of U.S. congressmen on Friday urged East German Communist Leader Erich Honecker to tear down the Berlin Wall, but he gave no indication that he is about to do it. Rep. Tom Lantos (D-San Mateo), leading one of the most senior U.S. delegations ever to come here, told a news conference after meeting with Honecker that the wide-ranging talks were very cordial and historic. "The time has come to take down the wall. Our view is that a corollary of the economic achievements cited by Mr.
August 14, 2001 | From Reuters
Germans flew flags at half-staff and laid wreaths Monday to mark the 40th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall, which divided the city for a generation and became a potent symbol of the Cold War. The focus of the commemorations was the roughly 200 East Germans killed while trying to cross what their rulers called the "anti-fascist protection barrier" and the many more who died trying to get across the frontier between East and West Germany before the wall fell in 1989.
November 1, 1994 | WILLIAM TUOHY, Los Angeles Times
WALL FACTS The Wall began as a barrier between the east and west sides of Berlin, but it was later extended to surround West Berlin, sealing it off entirely from East Germany. * The concrete structure that faced the West was made up of three-ton panels on average 11 1/2 feet tall, 3 1/2 feet wide and 8 to 10 inches thick. * In some places, the barrier had up to nine elements, including guard towers and a vehicle barrer trench. * 45,000 panels were used.
Until the morning of Aug. 13, 1961, a growing number of East Germans crossed unhindered into West Berlin. Many came just for a day to work or shop in the West and then returned home. But many more came to stay in West Berlin or go on to West Germany, 110 miles away. As the exodus grew, the East German regime instituted a series of measures designed to slow the flow of people to the West. They didn't work.
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