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Beverly Hills High School

May 5, 1988
Beverly Hills and Santa Monica high schools are among 62 high schools statewide to receive the 1987-88 California District High School Award, the state's most prestigious school honor. Both high schools were recognized for overall top performance. The award will be presented during a ceremony in San Francisco on June 3. "Our selection confirms the outstanding quality of our educational program," Beverly Hills High School Principal Sol Levine said.
August 6, 1987
The Board of Education has signed an agreement with 20th Century Fox Film Corp. allowing the company to use the Beverly Hills High School logo on a new line of sportswear. The arrangement was proposed last year to raise money for the city's financially strapped school system, according to a statement.
October 4, 1997
John Marrow, 83, veteran coach at Beverly Hills High School and a former National Football League guard. Marrow, a native of Nebraska, played from 1937 to 1940 with the Chicago Bears in an era when players provided their own pads and helmets, working without contracts and earning only $90 to $120 a game. He supplemented his earnings on the pro wrestling circuit, appearing under the names White Mountain and Swede Nelson.
April 10, 2007
Re "Diversity 90210," editorial, April 7 Beverly Hills High School's ethnic makeup reflects the residents of the surrounding neighborhood. The same is true of schools in East L.A., South L.A. and Monterey Park, yet I have never heard of a need to diversify any of those schools. Forced diversity seems like a great idea, but it doesn't work. Most children and adults alike tend to form cliques with those of the same culture. Just as wonderful neighborhood enclaves of certain ethnic groups naturally form and exist in almost every major American city, so they will within the microcosm of a school campus.
December 24, 1987 | JOHN L. MITCHELL, Times Staff Writer
Every year for 47 years, the children at Albion Street School, an inner-city school in a poor, immigrant neighborhood east of Chinatown, have celebrated Christmas with a special visit from the Santa Claus who lives in Beverly Hills. This year the tradition was carried on by Beverly Hills High School student body President Robert Rich, 17.
April 7, 2007
Re "Diversity program at Beverly Hills High enrolls mostly Asians," April 2 Only in the world of The Times could a school program that attracts smart, well-rounded students be a problem. The goal of the public schools system should be education, not some politically correct balancing of color. Before we called them "diversity" and "affirmative action," we called these types of programs "equal opportunity" -- which is all the government and society can and should provide. Asians are getting no special treatment here, as the applications to the Beverly Hills High School program do not contain racial information.
November 28, 1985
For the fourth year in a row, Beverly Hills High School has captured first place in the Los Angeles County Academic Decathlon, county schools officials announced. West High School in Torrance won second place and Cerritos High School came in third. West also won the "Super Quiz" portion of the decathlon, which this year tested students' knowledge of U.S. immigration history and law. The decathlon, held Nov.
March 10, 1996
El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills placed second to an Orange County team Saturday in the public portion of the high-stakes Super Quiz competition at the California Academic Decathlon. The victory establishes Laguna Hills High School as a strong contender to win the entire tournament today, when point totals from all 10 events are tallied and announced at an awards ceremony. "We didn't see them coming," said Matthew Backes from El Camino.
June 6, 1993
Beverly Hills High School, alma mater of Richard Dreyfuss, Andre Previn, Betty White, Rob Reiner, Corbin Bernsen and about 30,000 other people with less famous names and faces, will celebrate its 65th anniversary next weekend with a reunion of alumni and former teachers. Saturday events will include an alumni basketball tournament, a pep rally, a big band concert, a sock hop and other entertainment.
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