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Beverly Hilton

September 18, 2005 | Steve Lopez
Roughly 20 employees gathered in the parking lot of a restaurant on Central Avenue in Glendale, where they were warned about the possibility of police intervention, then began marching toward the Hilton hotel and the office of their boss. Some were afraid, some were emboldened, some were a little of each. Juan Mendoza, a waiter who makes minimum wage plus tips after 13 years and pays about $200 a month for medical benefits, walked ahead of Leticia Ceballos.
May 4, 1988 | Marylouise Oates
What's wrong with this sentence: "Let's go over to Rodeo Drive and visit the pawnshop." Nothing. That's right, economic reality has arrived on the street of the spending stars, with a shop on the second floor of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building. (Beverly Hills ordinances prohibit pawnshops at street level.) Yale Neiman, a veteran of both the jewelry and the pawnshop businesses, says that he opened the "tiny little office" in December. It is geared for the privacy a top-drawer clientele needs.
July 24, 1988 | NINA J. EASTON, Nina J. Easton is a Times staff writer.
MERV GRIFFIN is headed for a 2:30 appointment with the crown prince of Manhattan real estate in New York City's Trump Tower. That's the glassy skyscraper at 5th Avenue and 56th Street, not to be confused with Trump Plaza over on 3rd, near Bloomingdales, or Trump Parc, the art nouveau condominium complex on Central Park South where $4 million buys a three-bedroom apartment.
November 16, 1987 | Associated Press
Entertainer-businessman Merv Griffin has agreed to buy the Beverly Hilton, just a month after saying he had been outbid for the hotel by Japanese investors, it was announced today. Terms of the deal weren't disclosed, but sources put the price at more than $200 million. The 578-room Beverly Hilton, built in 1955, is the flagship of Beverly Hills-based Hilton Hotels Corp., which owns, manages or franchises 275 hotels nationwide.
December 13, 2012 | By Laura J. Nelson
By the time Megan Fox, Ed Helms and Jessica Alba strode into the Beverly Hilton ballroom at 5:20 a.m., their captive audience of reporters and publicists seemed nearly comatose. Press check-in for the Golden Globes ceremony had begun more than an hour before. Some publicists said they hadn't slept Wednesday night. And it showed. Aside from a few nods or nudges, most of the 25 categories announced Thursday morning - and the jokes that came with them - garnered no reaction. Golden Globe nominations: The complete list That could be because many of the nominations came as no surprise: "Argo," "Lincoln" and "Zero Dark Thirty" topped the list of contenders . Two announcements that caused a stir were for Hollywood veterans.
February 26, 1987
The Beverly Hills Planning Commission has unanimously recommended that the City Council approve the expansion of the Beverly Hilton despite residents' objections. The commission Monday imposed certain conditions, such as additional parking and landscaping, on the hotel at the west corner of Wilshire and Santa Monica boulevards.
February 26, 2010 | By Charlie Amter
For the last few years, people looking for a late-night dance club in Beverly Hills had nowhere to go. When concierges at the area's posh hotels were asked for clubbing tips, the best answer most could muster was " West Hollywood." But now, both locals and tourists have a lounge that just might live up to our standard vision of what a sparkling -- some might say gaudy -- Beverly Hills club should look like on a Friday night. Last week, the Beverly Hilton unveiled an ambitious lounge (bar210)
"I know you heard it before, but it works," Dinah Shore said in response to the laughter that greeted her telling of an old joke. It was that sort of an evening: The old jokes still seemed funny, the old melodies still sounded romantic and everyone was happy to admit just how long they'd all known each other. Shore was emcee Friday night as the Society of Singers honored Tony Martin with its third "Ella Lifetime Achievement Award."
November 6, 2008 | Martha Groves, Groves is a Times staff writer.
Westside voters delivered a somewhat mixed message on development in Tuesday's election, leaving the fate of a hotel-and-condo project in Beverly Hills too close to call and defeating a proposed cap on commercial construction in Santa Monica. In Beverly Hills, supporters and opponents split the vote almost equally on whether to allow expansion of the Beverly Hilton complex. As of Wednesday, the anti-Measure H side had edged out the pro side by 68 votes.
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