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April 28, 1990 | KATHLEEN DOHENY, Doheny is a health and fitness writer in Los Angeles. and
Twelve-year-old Brian Newsham of Encinitas could barely wait for the start of the Los Angeles Spring Biathlon last month. He was entering the event--a 2-mile run/9-mile bike ride/2-mile run--with his mom, 41-year-old Sherry Newsham. But he had more than pride riding on the outcome. The loser would be the winner's slave for the day. The 400 other entrants in that March biathlon had their own reasons for rising early on a Sunday to make the start time at Irwindale's Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area.
February 21, 1992 | MIKE KUPPER
Josh Thompson of Gunnison, Colo., finished 16th in the men's 20-kilometer biathlon race, the best U.S. biathlon showing of the Games. "I just felt better out there today. I've been skiing the course more and now I'm comfortable with it. At first, the climbs were a little intimidating. Now they're not so bad." Thompson said he felt much better with his showings here than he did four years ago at Calgary. "I'm walking away with a smile on my face this time," he said.
February 8, 1998 | MIKE PENNER
It has always been difficult being an American in Olympic biathlon competition, particularly in Nagano. Japan has some of the strictest gun-control laws on the planet, and Olympic officials here are scrutinizing the registration of biathletes. Among the security measures: * Retinal scans are taken of each biathlete for identification purposes.
February 14, 1988 | Mike Downey
At 6, his fantasies were of ski poles and Daisy air rifles, not fishing poles and Louisville baseball bats. He was a pink-cheeked snowchild from a 1,000-inhabitant Idaho town that was becoming something of an unplanned Olympic village, which was home to 10 different skiers who would go to the Games, and already he was out there among them, striding and gliding in regional competitions. At 18, as the war was escalating in Vietnam, Idaho Sen.
November 22, 1987
Craig Lawson and Ian Alsen of Granada Hills won the 21.8-mile Ride-and-Tie competition Saturday at Cal State Bakersfield in 1 hour, 37 minutes, breaking the course record by six minutes. Ride-and-Tie is a team event. Teammates begin the race at the same time with one running and one cycling. Participants switch places whenever they want, but both must cross the finish line simultaneously to win.
February 17, 1998
In an unprecedented move, officials halted the Olympic men's 10-kilometer biathlon sprint as a curtain of snow and fog at Nozawa Onsen made shooting too difficult. Sixteen of the 73 competitors had crossed the finish line when officials stopped the event Tuesday. It will be restarted Wednesday. The staggered-start race was stopped after 39 1/2 minutes.
February 22, 2006 | Alan Abrahamson, Times Staff Writer
With police awaiting lab test results on evidence seized in the weekend raid of the Austrian biathlon and cross-country ski quarters, International Olympic Committee officials said Tuesday they would launch their own inquiry into possible doping violations by Austrian skiers, coaches and officials.
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