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Big Picture

July 20, 1997
For a different view of their gardens, Victorians peered into silvered balls to get 180-degree panoramas. Colored blue, red, gold or silver, gazing balls are back as garden ornaments. Look into one at your local nursery or at Heard's in Westminster or Sperling Nursery in Calabasas. About $50.
February 5, 1994
Your heartwarming story about Karleen Shields in the Jan. 30 edition caused me a great deal of concern. While I realize Ms. Shields may have a transportation problem, she should be aware, as a caring mother, that she is endangering her daughters by riding three on a bicycle. It is also illegal, as is the lack of helmets on anyone under age 18 on a bicycle. KERMIT HEID Moorpark
December 9, 2007
If your holiday wish list includes re-creating the movie theater experience in your own home, there's a lot more to buy than just the big-screen TV. For the full surround-sound-experience, you need a home theater audio system, which usually consists of at least five speakers and a subwoofer. Cost: as high as about $4,000 and as low as about $80. -- Sources: CNet; ISupply; Hiram Henriquez, South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Additional graphics reporting by David Colker
September 13, 2005
Re "When pictures lie," Opinion, Sept. 9 It's getting hard to keep the spin straight on this story of the Palestinian kid who was shot during the intifada. Soon after the event, there was an investigation and report, with maps, diagrams, timelines and witness statements, which "proved" that the child was killed in the crossfire by Palestinian bullets. But now we have another story that they were all actors and that nobody in any of the footage died. Which revisionism are we to believe?
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