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Big Question

September 30, 2005 | Jerry Hirsch, Times Staff Writer
Mardi Gras doesn't arrive until Feb. 28, but every available hotel room here is already full. Relief workers, FEMA contractors and utility employees have replaced the tourists and convention-goers who typically ply the French Quarter and Central Business District this time of year.
The first NFL training camps for the 2000 season open this week, which makes it a fine time not to have a team in Los Angeles. No play-by-play of contract talks with third-round draft picks. No fretting over twisted ankles that will be healed by Week 1. No daily analysis of who's winning the battle for nickel back or fifth receiver. Instead, take the long view, and wait for the games to begin. Here are five questions for the season ahead: * 1.
August 22, 2009
Joe Torre, speaking about Albert Pujols, says, "He hits the ball a long way and they're going to say, 'Ah-ha, I wonder.' And it is unfair, there's no question it's unfair." No question it's unfair? I'm afraid, Joe, that is a big question. We baseball fans have been burned too many times to be accused of being unfair if we think that a particular player is juiced. I'm sure Torre also thought it unfair when a certain left fielder was the subject of such accusations. Andrew M. Weiss Playa del Rey :: Maybe the Dodgers are losing their edge because, after his drug suspension, this is the real Manny being Manny.
December 4, 2013 | By Eric Sondheimer
 L.A. Salesian has made it to the Northeast Division championship game on Saturday night at home against San Luis Obispo Mission Prep, and the big question is whether Salesian will be able to slow down one of the state's most productive running backs. Patrick Laird of Mission Prep has rushed for 3,068 yards and 32 touchdowns. He's had three games of more than 300 yards rushing. Salesian has been a surprise under first-year Coach Angelo Jackson, who took over in August. He's a former Compton College and Inglewood coach.
This is what Arizona knows: You can lead a nation from the middle of your own conference. You can win a title even if you go 0-2 against UCLA. You can also get tired of the Bruins badgering and jibing at you about it, tired enough for Arizona to not-so-subtlely set its 1997 national championship banner-raising ceremony for tonight, with the Bruins in the house and sweet Wildcat memories of March inducing thunder from the McKale Center crowd.
October 19, 2003 | Elliott Teaford
Now the fun starts. The first bowl championship series rankings are due out Monday, which means the preliminaries are nearly at an end and the weeks ahead feature only meaningful games. Which is to say, the fussin' and feudin' is about to begin in earnest. Oklahoma, Miami, Virginia Tech, Georgia and USC probably will make up the top five teams in the BCS rankings, just as they are in the Associated Press poll.
February 28, 1995
Move over, Gordon Gekko. The ruthless cinematic protagonist in "Wall Street" may have met his match in Nicholas William Leeson, a real-life trader in Singapore who appears to have brought down the venerable British investment house of Barings PLC. The 233-year-old firm filed for bankruptcy after Leeson, now reported missing, blew about $1 billion in volatile, Computer-Age financial instruments known as derivatives.
September 3, 2013 | By Houston Mitchell
Houston Texans running back Cierre Wood, who played at Notre Dame alongside Manti Te'o, has been answering a lot of questions about his former teammate this week because the Texans are playing Te'o and the San Diego Chargers in the season opener for both teams Monday. And apparently, most of the questions revolve around Te'o's fake girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, and not on how well Te'o plays. “They really don't ask me about how he plays. His tape speaks for itself. I really don't get questions on his athletic abilities,” Wood told KHOU-TV in Houston . “More of the questions are on the things that surrounded him the most, the main reason he was in the limelight.” The big question: Did Wood ever have any contact with Kekua?
April 26, 2000
The list of questions the Assembly Insurance Committee needs to put to Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush at a hearing Thursday gets longer daily. But at bottom, there is only one great big question: Who does Quackenbush serve? At this point, the answer could hardly be voters or consumers. The first specific question remains why Quackenbush allowed three firms to donate $12.8 million to foundations rather than face fines of up to $2.
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