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Bill Cosby

April 29, 1992
I would like to add one more item to Raspberry's compelling list of things that "The Cosby Show" did for America beyond entertainment: Its contribution to the renaissance of interest in predominantly black colleges, especially among America's black youth. Thanks again, Coz. CAROL MORRIS Los Angeles
November 23, 2013 | By Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times Television Critic
Bill Cosby, 76, has a concert special Saturday -- his first such TV show in 30 years, though he hasn't been exactly out of sight in the meantime. There were a couple of sitcoms, and a mystery series, and lately, he has become a favored guest on Jimmy Fallon's "Late Night. " That he is effecting this return via Comedy Central, home of "Workaholics," "Drunk History" and "Inside Amy Schumer" and many stand-up hours featuring comedians less polite than himself is something he has a little comic sport with at the top. It is a sit-down, rather than a stand-up, performance.
August 29, 2012 | By Christie D'Zurilla
Bill Cosby must be getting used to being "dead. " The most recent death hoax around the comedian - courtesy of an "R.I.P. Bill Cosby" Facebook page that has more than 300,000 likes since Sunday - garnered only a tweet of a trademark sweater from the man himself, and no mention whatsoever of the scam, which is a distinct change from Cosby's reaction to a hoax that trended back in 2010. Perhaps Sunday's hoax never even hit his radar. PHOTOS: Celebrity death hoaxes The August 2010 incident, in contrast, saw Cosby taking to Twitter and CNN to debunk the fourth such Internet assault on his existence.
July 24, 2013 | By Adam Tschorn
Earlier this month we told you about the poll underway at Bill Cosby's website that asked the public to pick its favroite sweater from the comedian's vast archive of eye-catching knitwear. Now that the voting has ended, we can report that the sweater pictured above was adjudged the favorite. According to the poll results , the sweater listed under "The Argyles" grouping (though to us it doesn't appear to be an Argyle pattern at all) garnered 63% of the final tally as of the end of the contest July 15. Below is a YouTube video of Bill Cosby announcing the winner of the "World's Favorite Cosby Sweater.
June 13, 2012 | By Chris Barton
After more than 30 years and countless quips and one-liners from the side of the Hollywood Bowl stage, Bill Cosby has announced he is stepping down as emcee of the Playboy Jazz Festival following this weekend's 34th annual concert. “Bill Cosby has been a dear friend since the 1960s and it's been a real pleasure for me, personally, to have him play such an integral part in what makes this festival so special,” Playboy's Hugh Hefner said in a statement released Wednesday afternoon.
November 24, 2011
The iconic, Emmy-winning author, musician, activist and comedian Bill Cosby has tickled the funny bones of generations of fans with his witty and good-natured ruminations on family life. Now in the midst of his fifth decade as an entertainer, he remains in top form, dishing out observations that transcend age, gender and cultural barriers. Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, 2100 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks. 8 p.m. Sun. $54, $64, $79. (805) 449-2787.
June 19, 2012 | By Danielle H. Paquette, Los Angeles Times
As the 34th annual Playboy Jazz Festival wrapped up on Sunday, Bill Cosby danced across the stage to play his final solo beneath the iconic bunny. "It's my last time here," he announced to the applauding crowd, which filled the Hollywood Bowl to the last bleacher. "And I'm gonna give you something you've never heard before. Take it back to the bridge!" Cosby grabbed a trombone from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, who followed his order with upbeat, New Orleans-style jazz.
December 18, 2009 | By Chris Foster
Bill Cosby, comedian, actor and former Temple football player, can sum up in one word what he remembers about his days as an Owls running back. "Fumbling," Cosby said. That may have been the case for his two-year career at Temple. But Cosby is not dropping the ball for Temple these days. In fact, he has been carrying it. Cosby has given the Owls a clear advantage over UCLA in the area of former-player-turned-Hollywood-personality with the EagleBank Bowl looming Dec. 29 in Washington.
October 8, 2004 | From Times Staff Reports
Actor and comedian Bill Cosby has endorsed Bernard C. Parks in his campaign to unseat Mayor James K. Hahn, the city councilman's campaign announced Thursday. In a statement released by the campaign, Cosby said, "Bernard has walked the Los Angeles streets for over 30 years as a public servant, and he knows what it takes to make neighborhoods livable and safe." Parks served as the city's police chief before Hahn declined to back him for a second term.
June 3, 2004
Re "Remarks by Cosby Still Reverberating," May 30: I wholeheartedly agree with Bill Cosby's remarks. He could and should have gone further in his description of the knuckleheads he referred to. Far too many of us don't have good role models, starting in the home. Most of our professional athletes do not set good examples. Cosby was right on target when he said, "I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk, and then I heard the father talk." Children live what they learn. Other of our so-called black leaders should follow his lead and address this issue, even more strongly.
June 21, 2013 | By Lauren Beale, Los Angeles Times
He's one of the hottest architects in Hollywood: The houses designed by Paul Revere Williams have attracted generations of stars - Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Bill Cosby, Denzel Washington. Actress Debra Messing recently sold a home he designed in Bel-Air for $11.4 million in less than a month - a rapid exchange for a transaction at that price. She had bought the traditional two-story house from film star Renee Zellweger a decade earlier. Williams' homes caught the imagination of the entertainment elite starting in the late 1920s and are still sought-after today, more than three decades after his death.
June 16, 2013 | By Chris Barton, Los Angeles Times Jazz Critic
There was a moment at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday night when a question came to mind that felt a little like a Zen koan: If you hear a guitar solo but can't see a guitar, did the solo really happen? It's the sort of thought perhaps associated with backing tracks and radio-ready pop, but this was the Playboy Jazz Festival, and the source was unquestionably live in the vocal group Naturally 7, which closed a set steeped with hip-hop and R&B with an a cappella take on George Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
June 13, 2013 | By Chris Barton
The question surely came up at some point during last year's Playboy Jazz Festival, which saw the retirement of its longtime master of ceremonies: Can there be a festival without Bill Cosby? Of course, it's just a rhetorical notion because the festival was never solely about Cosby, who was always a comforting (and comfortable) presence at the side of the stage, whether interjecting elements of goofy fun into the gathering's yearly roster of high school jazz bands or playfully sitting in on percussion with his ad-hoc band, the Cos of Good Music.
March 1, 2013 | By Chris Barton, Los Angeles Times
The lineup for the 35th annual Playboy Jazz Festival has been announced, and in addition to the weekend-long concert's signature mix of jazz, funk and R&B, the festival also revealed that comic and former late-night host George Lopez will take over for longtime host Bill Cosby this year. Cosby had served as master of ceremonies at the festival since 1979, and last year the comedy legend stepped down after becoming as much a part of the show's fabric as the Hollywood Bowl, parasols and picnic baskets.
February 27, 2013 | Jonathan Gold
Panna cotta, bavaroise , empurpled mazamorra , chocolate mousse - we say it's pudding, and we say to hell with it. As beloved Jell-O pudding spokesman Bill Cosby was fond of saying, you can't be a kid without it. More quizzes from Jonathan Gold: Food and hip hop | Feet | French fries .articlerail, #pmad-rail {display:none;} ALSO: IACP Cookbook Awards nominations announced 'The Taste' recap: L.A.'s Khristianne Uy kicks off-cut butt Wine geek alert: Recycled metal art wine caddy collection      
December 19, 2012 | By Reed Johnson, Los Angeles Times
At the Wednesday public memorial service that celebrated her tragically short life, Jenni Rivera was hailed as "the eternal diva," "la gran señora," "mariposa de barrio" (butterfly of the barrio) and other terms of deep affection and respect. But there was another title that Rivera had aspired to and earned: the Latin American Oprah Winfrey. Like Winfrey before her, the Long Beach native, who died with six other people in a Dec. 9 plane crash in northern Mexico, was more than simply a multitalented, multi-tasking woman of a certain age, ethnicity and oversize personality.
November 27, 2012
Re "Actor played villain J.R. Ewing on TV's 'Dallas,'" Obituary, Nov. 24 When I was 10 years old, Larry Hagman, Bill Cosby and others were filming "Mother, Jugs & Speed" down the street from my parents' house in Venice. The neighborhood kids would loiter around the set gawking at the equipment and activity; we were too young to be star struck. I fondly remember Hagman and Cosby hamming it up for us, smiling back whenever we smiled or laughed. Decades later I saw Hagman in Santa Monica and made a point of thanking him for engaging us rather than simply having us run off by security.
October 23, 2012 | By Christie D'Zurilla
Ellen DeGeneres took home the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, the top prize in comedy, on Monday night in Washington. "Washington, D.C., is so different from where I grew up," tweeted DeGeneres, a native of New Orleans, ahead of being honored. "When you take your top off, no one throws beads. " The evening - which saw the comic and talk-show host joining the ranks of previous winners including Will Ferrell, Billy Crystal, Tina Fey and Bill Cosby - wasn't all about jokes, however, reported the Washington Post, as DeGeneres was also recognized for one groundbreaking move: coming out as a lesbian on TV in 1997.
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