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April 20, 1987
A Japanese billionaire is considering buying the Seattle Mariners, says American liaison Cappy Harada, who represents a group of Seattle residents who want to keep the team in their town. "I am optimistic that if approached right, a deal can be struck," said Harada, who was reached by telephone in Tokyo. Harada said he had talked with Hiroshi Yamaguchi, managing director of the Seibu Corp. and top assistant to corporation chairman and billionaire Yoshiaki Tsutsumi.
October 16, 2008 | Tina Daunt
With just a few weeks left until the November election, Hollywood politicos are stepping up to fight Proposition 8, which proposes to ban same-sex marriage in California. Movie producer Steve Bing plans to contribute $500,000 to the No on 8 campaign, making his donations the largest in the entertainment industry thus far, according to his representatives. Meanwhile, billionaire Ron Burkle will open his Beverly Hill mansion Tuesday to raise funds for the No on 8 campaign. Melissa Etheridge and Mary J. Blige are set to perform at the event.
November 30, 2003 | J.A. Adande, Times Staff Writer
Sometimes greatness results from attrition as well as accomplishments, with the rivals dropping away to leave a select few names with which to compare. Before Shaquille O'Neal could be talked about in comparison to all-time greats Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, he had to separate himself from Alonzo Mourning, who was chosen right behind him in the 1992 draft and who retired from the New Jersey Nets last week because of a deteriorating kidney.
WRITING a glitzy, prime-time soap opera isn't as easy as it looks. For starters, it's hard to invent characters who can top the shenanigans committed in any given week by certain pop stars or heiresses to hotel fortunes. And then there's the sympathy factor: How do you make viewers really feel for -- as opposed to simply repelled or tickled by -- the idle, self-absorbed rich?
October 4, 2004 | Rachel Ehrenfeld and Shawn Macomber, Rachel Ehrenfeld is the author of "Funding Evil" (Bonus Books, 2003). Shawn Macomber is a staff writer at the American Spectator.
"Frankly, I don't think I'll need to do a lot more," Democratic philanthropist George Soros bragged to USA Today just a few months ago. "I now take the defeat of Bush more or less for granted." Unfortunately for him, that defeat no longer seems so certain, so the billionaire, who had spent more than $15 million in an attempt to get John F. Kerry elected, is now trying to protect his earlier investments by throwing in an additional $3 million.
At age 13, Erik Menendez confided that his father was molesting him, a cousin testified Tuesday. With the defense in the Menendez brothers' murder trial seeking to corroborate controversial claims of abuse, cousin Andres (Andy) Cano testified that Erik Menendez told him that his father gave him genital "massages."
July 8, 2013 | By Shan Li
Warren Buffett, the billionaire investment guru known as the Oracle of Omaha, is donating about $2.6 billion in stocks to five charities as part of a plan to give away the bulk of his wealth before he dies. The chairman and chief executive of investment firm Berkshire Hathaway has watched his fortune soar this year as the company's stock jumped more than 25%. In March, Forbes magazine pegged his wealth at $53.5 billion. QUIZ: How much do you know about the federal budget cuts?
April 28, 1989 | BOB BAKER, Times Staff Writer
As a beloved ex-President, Ronald Reagan almost always gets what he wants these days. But this week, one of Reagan's personal wishes was blocked by a federal convict with a typewriter. Last Friday, Reagan personally telephoned the National Park Service in Washington to add his support to proposed national historic landmark status for a mitten-shaped hill in the Santa Monica Mountains that includes prized Chumash Indian cave paintings. But on Monday, when the Park Service's advisory board met, it concluded that its hands were tied.
May 10, 2008 | Martin Zimmerman, Times Staff Writer
Is Mercury headed for the junkyard? Speculation is mounting that Ford Motor Co., preoccupied with reviving its Ford and Lincoln brands, might decide to retire the Mercury nameplate rather than spend scarce resources trying to restore its former luster. Despite denials from Ford, the conjecture got a boost last week when Jerome York, a former auto executive and advisor to billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian, said shedding the brand would be a smart move for the struggling automaker.
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