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February 6, 1989 | BOB LOCHNER, Times Assistant Sports Editor
Had it been a football game, the margin would have been four touchdowns; a baseball game, 10 runs, and in basketball, about 35 points. Maria Walliser's 1 1/2-second victory in the women's downhill at the World Alpine Ski Championships Sunday, her second straight title in this event, was that one-sided. "I just had a perfect run," she said of her 1-minute 46.50-second burst down the 1.6-mile Vail Mountain course, during which she reached speeds in excess of 68 m.p.h. "Everything came together.
May 30, 1988 | MIKE KUPPER, Times Assistant Sports Editor
According to one race track adage, nobody cares who finished second. So much for adages. When the difference between second and third figures to be about $100,000, people care. And when the difference between second and seventh figures to be about $300,000, as it was a year ago, people care a lot. And besides, racers do have their pride. For the longest while after Sunday's Indianapolis 500, second place was the hot topic.
February 9, 1988 | BRUCE HOROVITZ
The profile is, unmistakably, Eric Heiden. In nothing but a pair of skimpy shorts, the muscle-bound Olympic speed skater flashes the form that won him five gold medals in the 1980 Winter Games. This photograph of Heiden is the centerpiece of a new print ad for American Express. The advertisement not only reminds readers of Heiden's Olympic feats eight years ago, but it also brags that Heiden has carried the American Express card since 1980.
March 17, 1986 | BOB LOCHNER, Times Assistant Sports Editor
Pam Ann Fletcher didn't win the World Cup super giant slalom Sunday on Vail Mountain, but once again she stopped the show. The suddenly emerging American ski racing star, who beat the best the world could offer in Saturday's downhill, was stuck down there in the No. 38 starting position because of her relative inexperience. That didn't stop her, however, from roaring past the intermediate checkpoint with the second fastest time of the day, right behind the leader in the clubhouse, Marina Kiehl.
February 17, 2002 | SHAUN POWELL, NEWSDAY
About three dozen people mingled quietly in the room. They were three dozen faces familiar to him in another lifetime, but now mostly foreign. Every so often someone would approach Bill Johnson trying to rekindle his happiness, and maybe the memory he lost in the terrible accident, too. Some were more successful than others. "There's Jimmy over there," Johnson said to one man. Actually, it was Johnny. "I know you!" he said to another. The man's name escaped Johnson.
February 5, 1987 | BOB LOCHNER, Times Assistant Sports Editor
For most Americans, ski racing is a somewhat bewildering exercise that comes and goes every four years with the Winter Olympics. Oh, in between, it pops up on the tube now and then in the winter months, on "Wide World of Sports" or ESPN. Everyone is familiar with "the agony of defeat," but that's a ski jumper , and not everyone knows the difference. It all looks more than a bit dangerous, which causes ABC commentator Bob Beattie to call skiing "a great TV sport."
December 23, 1988 | Larry Stewart
If you watch much of Fred Roggin's Hall of Shame on Channel 4, you've undoubtedly seen the whiffleball segment. That's the one in which a young girl, swinging at a whiffleball on a tee, accidentally smacks her little brother upside the head with a plastic bat. Roggin has shown it many times and will show it again Christmas night as part of his year-end special, which begins at 11:15 p.m. The bat thuds, the mother laughs and the little boy, of course, starts to cry.
February 25, 1989 | Bob Lochner
Tucked away on a shelf at 9,600 feet in the southern Wasatch Mountains, this place is perhaps the best-kept secret in western skiing. It's not Snowbird or Park City, the state's two world-class resorts, but then it's not 750 miles from Los Angeles, either. It's about 475, all except the last 16 via four-lane Interstate 15. That's the same mileage Southland skiers must drive to reach Lake Tahoe, a trip with several stretches of two-lane passing roulette, plus four snowy summits.
Jean-Claude Killy, looking slight for a legend, sits behind his desk in the office of the organizing committee for the 1992 Olympic Winter Games. He wears a blue dress shirt by Polo and a tie. His brow is furrowed, in Gallic resignation. He makes jokes at his own expense. The effect is anything but Olympian for the co-chairman, who has a detail or two left to attend.
February 6, 2014 | From staff reports
A capsulized look at each of the 15 disciplines, including best of the U.S., best of the rest and American medal chances. Alpine Skiing Men's Downhill Where: Rosa Khutor Alpine Center When: Feb. 9 Best of U.S.: Bode Miller, Travis Ganong, Marco Sullivan, Erik Fisher Best of the rest: Aksel-Lund Svindal (Norway), Adrien Theaux (France), Didier Defago (Switzerland), Carlo Janka (Switzerland) U.S. chances to medal: Miller (36) is defying Father Time.
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