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September 8, 2003
Re "All Americans Can't Grow Up to Be President," Commentary, Sept. 4: Robert B. Cox is wrong; his children can run for president. It's not where you were born but your status at the time of your birth that is relevant. A "natural born Citizen" is someone who has not been "naturalized" -- in other words, someone who is an American citizen from birth. If both your parents are U.S. citizens at the time of your birth, you are an American citizen, regardless of where you were born. The local American embassy will even provide you with an American birth certificate.
July 11, 2011
What was the birth name of Oscar-winning actress Ginger Rogers, born July 16, 1911? Virginia McMath
August 16, 1985
Re the snub of TV networks on birth control campaigns: The Dutch have practically no problem with teen-age pregnancy. They also provide condoms through ubiquitous vending machines. We, on the other hand, have more teen-age pregnancy than any other industrialized country, while allowing a vocal, "religious" minority to intimidate an entire media industry. SUSU LEVY Encino
June 20, 1996 | From Times staff and wire reports
HIV-positive women who give birth more than four hours after the rupture of the fetal membranes--breaking of their water--are nearly twice as likely to transmit the virus to their infants as women who give birth less than four hours afterward, according to a study in the June 20 New England Journal of Medicine.
November 27, 1990
An inexpensive and effective way to prevent child abuse and neglect would be to focus on the prevention of the birth of unwanted children. SANDRA SAVETT, Santa Monica
August 11, 1991
I enjoyed reading of the great culinary experiences in Juneau ("From Halibut to Reindeer Sausage...", July 28), my city of birth. I was also around when Alaska became the 49th state, not the 50th, as stated in the story. On our most recent Juneau visit, the Gold Creek Salmon Bake may have been the best meal we ever had. JAN GITSTEIN Alhambra
February 8, 2013 | By Nardine Saad
Gisele Bündchen is a proud mommy! The supermodel wife of quarterback Tom Brady has debuted their baby girl on Facebook. "Love is everything! Happy friday, much love to all," Bündchen captioned a photo of herself carrying, and gazing at her new daughter Vivian Lake, who is wearing a frilly little dress in the pic. The message was also translated in Portuguese, the Brazilian model's native language.  E! Online was first to have images of the baby from the family's trip to Hawaii.
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