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January 30, 1987
I must say that you people are really something. You rave on about the effects this case will have on the so-called legitimate film producers, and you feel that people such as Freeman should be protected under the First Amendment, which among other things protects our right to freely express ideas of all kinds, including sexual ideas; however, while you project the image of the protector of our rights your paper still refuses to allow sexually explicit...
August 21, 2001
When Steve Goodman wrote his train song "City of New Orleans," there were "15 cars and 15 restless riders." North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il's bizarre train journey through Russia had 21 cars--armor-plated at that--and one rider in chief. Kim's train pulled back into North Korea last weekend after a 24-day trip said to have been his third foreign visit. The previous two were to China. Those were train trips too, due to what is believed to be Kim's fear of flying.
September 14, 1994
The astonishing crash of a light plane on the White House lawn Monday morning has prompted several top-level investigations, and rightly so. A thorough and serious review of presidential security procedures is clearly warranted. But is it possible to conduct such a study without the sophomoric finger-pointing or ritualistic scapegoating that is so common in Washington? Investigators will want to know what can be done to prevent airborne threats to the White House in the future.
July 19, 1990 | KENT ZELAS
King Neptune's in Sunset Beach, a sort of bar-restaurant-museum where ambience and basic seafood both come in generous portions, is one of the most bizarre and unpretentious places in Orange County, or maybe anywhere.
December 5, 1993 | THE SOCIAL CLIMES STAFF
All right, all you Social Climers out there--how many of you have even started your holiday shopping? Hmmm. We thought so. So once again, we're coming to your rescue by keeping you abreast of the best and most bizarre gifts available. How about a pair of 9-karat gold dress spurs, circa 1920? They come with a fitted case and are a mere $6,800 from A La Vieille Russie in New York City. We saw them in the New Yorker--the words "Must Have" at the top of the ad grabbed our attention.
April 12, 1998 | MIKE DiGIOVANNA
Norberto Martin dropped a nice bunt down the third-base line in the second inning Saturday, and Indian third baseman Travis Fryman made a bare-handed grab and a perfect off-balance throw to first. There was one problem: Cleveland first baseman Jim Thome was nowhere to be found. Thome also charged on the play, and Fryman's throw to a vacant bag caromed off the wall in foul territory, allowing runners to advance to second and third.
August 9, 1987
I have observed with mounting disgust the sanctimonious posturing, first of our city attorney, Robert Myers ("Saint Bob," as he is known behind his back in City Hall), our mayor, James Conn, and now council members (Dennis) Zane and (David) Finkel, who publicly conspire to travel and trespass at a defense establishment in Nevada (Times, July 19). That the ceremony has become a risk-free ritual is amusing but of secondary importance. Let us set aside the question of whether their objective, to proclaim that nuclear war is a Bad Thing and support Mr. Gorbachev's position in the arms negotiations, is worthy and concentrate on their methods.
December 31, 1985 | DENNIS McDOUGAL, Times Staff Writer
Most of the time, Los Angeles radio may be replete with the same old formats--hot hits, all talk or nonstop news--but at least some stations aren't ushering in the New Year with one more replay of the Top 40 play list.
July 1, 1998 | MIKE DiGIOVANNA
Pitcher Allen Watson will not be in the Angel rotation or bullpen this week. He did, however, land in the emergency room Monday when he suffered a deep gash on his left wrist while opening a bottle of beer. We're not making this up. Watson, who was going to be activated off the disabled list Tuesday, was at a friend's house in Newport Beach during the off-day when the accident occurred at about 3 p.m. "I was opening the bottle and it just broke in half, and my arm kept going," Watson said.
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