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Blank Check

October 2, 1990 | From Times Wire Services
The Senate today endorsed President Bush's efforts to "deter Iraqi aggression" despite some members' concerns that the resolution could be seen as giving Bush broad authority to wage war. The resolution of support passed 96 to 3. It followed an overwhelming House vote Monday expressing similar sentiments. "This resolution is not an authorization for the use of force, now or in the future," Senate Majority Leader George J. Mitchell (D-Me.) told his colleagues before the vote.
The House Judiciary Committee voted Thursday to give developers and other landowners what critics charged is a potential multibillion-dollar blank check whenever a federal regulation lessens a property's value by 10% or more. The legislation would make exceptions when a development would be a hazard to public health or safety, when it would damage other property or when it would violate state or local laws, such as a zoning ordinance.
February 9, 2013
Re "Obama agrees to release files on drone strike," Feb. 7 The recently leaked Justice Department memo that outlined the overly broad and vague legal boundaries used to justify drone strikes should shake the American people to the core. While I applaud President Obama for releasing more information to the Senate and House intelligence committees, the root of the problem remains: The administration is using the Authorization for the Use of Military Force passed by the House on Sept.
February 20, 1989
The worst fears of a sane citizenry have born fruit; in the sense of "what you fear shall be brought unto you." Brown has stuck his insidious toes back into the murky waters of politics. This is like giving Jimmy Swaggert or Oral Roberts a blank check. JOHN DEGATINA Los Angeles
November 4, 1998 | Reuters
One of three personal checks signed by President John F. Kennedy just before his fateful trip to Dallas in November 1963 will be sold at auction next Tuesday, a New York auction house announced Tuesday. Auctioneers R. M. Smythe & Co Inc. said the blank check was the only one of the three to come to public auction and is expected to sell for more than $8,500.
September 14, 1992
I am surprised you let the proponents of Prop. 167 get away with talking in such vague simplicities as "tax the rich." Readers deserve to know that the tax increases in the initiative will hit everybody. The promoters also talk about a long list of government programs that would benefit from this tax tantrum. Again, they are not telling the whole truth. There are no guarantees in Prop. 167 that any of the money would be spent on anything the promoters say it would. It is a blank check for the politicians in Sacramento.
November 28, 2002 | From Times Wire Services
Former Florida State quarterback Adrian McPherson was arrested Wednesday on charges of stealing a blank check and receiving nearly $3,500 after it was cashed. McPherson, kicked off the team Monday by Coach Bobby Bowden, surrendered to police and was later released after posting bail. The sophomore, who started the last four games for the Seminoles, was charged with misdemeanor theft for stealing a blank check from R&R Truck Accessories in Tallahassee, Fla.
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