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December 22, 1994
Boaters in the Newport Harbor Christmas Boat Parade should beware of carbon monoxide fumes on the slow-moving craft, officials warned Wednesday after two passengers were overcome. Two women, who were not identified, were rendered unconscious while riding in the rear of a sport-fishing boat during the parade Monday, said Newport Beach Fire Marshal Dennis Lockard.
Politics being the art of compromise, it should not be surprising that one of the first flaps engendered by the Republican National Convention slated for August ended Tuesday in . . . a compromise. The Coast Guard announced that owners of yachts moored at the Marriott Marina behind the convention center will not be booted off their boats during the four nights of the convention nor during the final afternoon--as originally recommended by the Secret Service.
November 11, 1997 | BARBARA MURPHY
Island Packers Co. has won renewal of its contract to provide boat service to Channel Islands National Park from the Ventura and Channel Islands harbors. Island Packers has been the sole boat concession to the park for more than 25 years. Its contract was renewed for 10 years. "Island Packers has been a part of this park since its inception," said Tim Setnicka, Channel Islands National Park superintendent.
September 21, 2005 | Hector Becerra and Dave McKibben, Times Staff Writers
Coast Guard cutters and helicopters were joined by Baywatch boats and a U.S. Navy hovercraft Tuesday in a search for a vessel that reportedly was struck by lightning the night before, authorities said. The Coast Guard said it received a distress call at 11:48 p.m. Monday claiming to be from a 20-foot sailing vessel named the Pelican, said Petty Officer Nathan Henise. The caller said the vessel was taking on water after being hit by lightning about 15 miles off Dana Point, Henise said.
October 10, 1991 | LISA MASCARO
A plan to cancel the 31-year tradition of dressing up boats to depict everything from famed heroes to current events and parading them around Newport Harbor has been rescinded after an outpouring of public support in favor of the annual event. The Commodores, a group within the Newport Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce that sponsors the Character Boat Parade, tentatively agreed to continue the tradition after residents overwhelmingly supported saving the parade.
October 26, 1987
A U.S.-Egyptian team using custom-built drills and electronic sensors has found the remains of a large cedar boat from the Cheops period buried at the foot of the Great Pyramid at Giza. The dismantled pieces of the royal sun boat were buried in a pit 20 yards from the base of the pyramid. A camera was extended through a specially drilled hole. Probes also sampled what could be 4,500-year-old air from inside the chamber. Another dismantled cedar boat was found in a pit near the pyramid in 1954.
December 5, 1995
Distinctions between Long Beach's two Christmas boat parades tend to be fairly broad: gondolas versus yachts, canals versus harbor, east versus west. Still, some boat owners try to take part in both. This year, however, they will have to choose between the two, thanks to the timing of a low tide on Dec. 16. The Naples Island parade--which navigates the community's narrow canals--has no standing date from year to year.
October 18, 1990 | LEN HALL
It was in the early evening last July, about 8 miles off Santa Catalina Island, when Skipper Robert Fagnant went below deck on the ketch Mariner and discovered that the boat was taking on water--fast. Ten minutes later, the crew of seven Sea Scout teen-agers and Fagnant had been saved, thanks to a nearby boater. The 73-foot Mariner, however, sank and remains on the ocean floor, an estimated 2,400 feet down.
October 26, 1990 | SHEARLEAN DUKE, Shearlean Duke is a regular contributor to Orange County View
Summer vacation in October? Why not? The weather's great and the tourists have gone home. All you need is a free day and a ticket to Catalina. "I think October is the best time to go," says Bob Black. "You get some real nice weather and you don't have the crowds at the island." Black should know. As co-owner and president of Catalina Passenger Service Inc., he operates the only ocean ferry service between Orange County and Santa Catalina Island.
When Sausalito Mayor Annette Rose heard that preliminary census figures showed that her popular bay-side town had lost population over the last decade, she figured the count was wrong. Squinting across choppy waters toward San Francisco last week, she offered her first piece of evidence: The Census Bureau never mailed a form to the houseboat where she lives with her husband and two children. Rose and city officials figure there are about 1,500 others in the same boat.
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