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Bob Hope Airport

April 21, 2011
There seems to be an epidemic of under-sleeping these days. This year alone, seven air traffic controllers have been caught sleeping on duty. In two well-publicized cases, pilots were heard nearly pleading with control towers to guide them in. (The planes landed safely.) The most recent incident occurred Saturday, when a controller was observed sleeping at a Florida tower. (He did not miss any calls from pilots.) In response, the FAA has adjusted controllers' schedules and mandated that additional controllers be assigned during sleepy midnight shifts.
March 28, 2011 | By Hugo Martín, Los Angeles Times
With airfares on the rise and airlines cramming more fliers per plane, it's no surprise that passengers are feeling increasingly unhappy about the service they get from U.S. carriers. And well-heeled passengers ? who presumably spend more on airline flights ? feel even worse about the service they get, according to a survey released last week. Fliers with annual household incomes of $100,000 or more are nearly twice as likely as travelers from households making less than $50,000 a year to have negative feelings toward their airline, according to an online survey by the Connecticut marketing research firm PhoCusWright.
March 3, 2011 | By Bill Kisliuk, Los Angeles Times
The Bob Hope Airport authority has agreed to pay $2 million to Lockheed Martin Corp. in exchange for a guarantee from the aerospace company to cover the cost of a $108-million cleanup of contaminated groundwater under part of the airport. Airport officials said the deal was an economical solution to a problem that could have cost much more. Lockheed spokesman Gary Cambre said the settlement, announced late last week, "is fair and equitable," with the Burbank airport paying its share of costs and Lockheed Martin agreeing to work with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and with other potentially responsible parties.
January 2, 2011 | By Bill Kisliuk, Los Angeles Times
Bob Hope Airport officials believe that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then they have plenty to say in their dispute with Lockheed Martin Corp. over groundwater contamination. The two parties are clashing in court over who must pay federally mandated cleanup costs related to toxins under the airport. Part of the dispute centers on a fire pit on the southwest portion of the airfield, where the Environmental Protection Agency believes residue contributed to soil contamination.
December 19, 2010 | By Bill Kisliuk, Los Angeles Times
Officials have voted to raise parking daily rates at Bob Hope Airport by $1 next year to fund a legal battle against Lockheed Martin Corp. over who should pay for the cleanup of polluted groundwater beneath the airfield. The fee increase is the latest chapter in a long-running dispute between the Burbank airport and Lockheed, which once manufactured military aircraft at the site. Airport officials insist the contamination is the fault of Lockheed alone, but the aircraft manufacturer and the Environmental Protection Agency say the airport is partly responsible and should therefore shoulder a portion of the $108-million cleanup expense.
November 9, 2010 | By Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger
Just in time for the holidays, a free shuttle service has started between Bob Hope Airport in Burbank and the North Hollywood Metro Station . The service, which began last week, will continue until at least the end of January during a trial period. "We want to evaluate and make sure people are using it," airport spokeswoman Lucy Burghdorf said. How it works : Signs marking the shuttle stop have been put up at the Metro station, the last stop on the Red Line , which is near the intersection of Lankershim and Chandler boulevards in North Hollywood, officials said.
August 30, 2010 | By Gretchen Meier, Los Angeles Times
After two public hearings and long discussions over the course of a month, the Burbank City Council has approved a $120-million transit center for Bob Hope Airport. The original proposal had been postponed to allow city officials to clarify the city's role in approving landscaping and so-called green street features for the project. The transportation hub will consolidate rental car facilities and bus transit on current airport property, a covered moving walkway to the airport terminal and the second compressed natural gas fueling station in Burbank.
August 6, 2010 | By Gretchen Meier, Los Angeles Times
Passenger traffic at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank dropped again in June, dragging down the year-to-date figures and continuing the downward trend that airport officials say they have planned for. June's passenger traffic was down 2.4%, compared with figures for the same period last year; the year-to-date figure is down more than 3%, airport records show. Last year, the number of passengers fell to 4.6 million, the lowest in eight years, and down 13% from 5.3 million in 2008.
August 2, 2010 | By Hugo Martín, Los Angeles Times
Domestic airfares across the nation increased nearly 5% in the first three months of 2010 from the same period in 2009, and yet the trade group that represents the nation's airlines calls the numbers good news for passengers. The latest airline statistics were released last week by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The Air Transport Assn. points out that, when adjusted for inflation, the average $328 round-trip fare is 25% lower than in the first quarter of 1999, which was the highest first quarter since the Transportation Department began to keep track of airfares in 1995.
April 27, 2010 | By Christopher Cadelago, Los Angeles Times
Southwest Airlines, which accounts for two-thirds of passenger traffic at Burbank's Bob Hope Airport, will phase out 12% of its weekly flights by September, airport officials said. The carrier's decision to trim 82 arrivals and departures from its weekly schedule is expected to further decrease already-declining passenger numbers at the commuter hub. The drop from 712 to 630 weekly flights will mean a 6% reduction in total flights leaving the airport. The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority presented the proposal last week to airport commissioners.
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