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Bob Kersee

August 16, 1991 | From Associated Press
UCLA women's track Coach Bob Kersee was reprimanded by the NCAA track committee for instructing an athlete to false-start intentionally in the NCAA Championships at Eugene, Ore., last June. Kersee instructed Janeene Vickers to false-start in the women's 100-meter high hurdles final to save herself for the 400-meter intermediate hurdles.
Team Joyner-Kersee held a news conference Wednesday. That's Jackie Joyner and Bob Kersee. Wife and husband. Athlete and coach. Business and manager. Left hand and right hand. What's in a hyphen? With Joyner and Kersee, almost too much. When Jackie Joyner-Kersee talks, Bob Kersee not only listens, he interrupts, interjects, interprets, extrapolates, underscores and, often, overrides. The U.S. Olympic Festival was the reason for this latest exercise in point-counterpoint.
Jackie Joyner-Kersee's coach/husband was pleased when she won the 60-meter hurdles at the Times/Eagle Indoor Games Friday night at the Forum. But he wasn't that pleased. Bob Kersee told her she still has to be at UCLA's Drake Stadium today at 9:30 a.m. for a workout. "She's going to train Saturday, take off Sunday and be back on Monday," he said. "She's not going to have fresh legs in a track meet again until June.
June 29, 1989 | JULIE CART, Times Staff Writer
Angela Bailey, a two-time Canadian Olympian who competed one season at UCLA, testified Wednesday at the Canadian drug inquiry in Toronto that she left the school because Bob Kersee, the women's track coach at the school, "was a drug coach." Bailey said she began thinking about going to UCLA after the 1984 Olympics, where she won a silver medal on a relay team. Bailey said, however, that she called Kersee to discuss some reservations. "I had heard he was a drug coach," she testified.
June 4, 1989 | From Reuters
A long scar runs down his twice-broken left arm and two plates and 10 screws hold it together, but two-time 110-meters hurdles world champion Greg Foster is back in action. "I still think I have what it takes," the 30-year-old Californian said. "I still feel I can break the world record, and there's no doubt about that." The pain is still there from the two breaks--once while practicing July 4, 1988, and the second while playing basketball last Jan. 31--and doctors have told him they would not want to operate again if he broke it once more.
March 14, 1989 | MAL FLORENCE
Bob Kersee, UCLA women's track coach, reasons that it takes the equivalent of three athletes to replace Gail Devers. Devers, an accomplished multi-event performer who led the Bruins to the Pacific 10 Conference championship the last two seasons and second place in the National Collegiate Athletic Assn. meet in 1988, has graduated. Nonetheless, Kersee expects a balanced team to make up for her absence. Leading the team are sprinter-hurdler Janeene Vickers and weight event star Kris Larson.
February 1, 1989
Shades of O.J. Simpson. So busy is Jackie Joyner-Kersee with track meets and public appearances, she has been forced to do some of her workouts in airports. Husband-coach Bob Kersee told Joe Gergen of Newsday: "She's been training, literally, in airports, everyone's gym and basements. "A lot of times, if we can't get a run in somewhere, she'll run at the airport before we leave. In big airports like St. Louis and Chicago, you can get in 20-30 minutes of running.
September 14, 1988 | RANDY HARVEY, Times Staff Writer
The relationship between Jackie Joyner and Bob Kersee began seven years ago in a Tacoma, Wash. hotel. Don't get the wrong idea. It was in the hallway outside their rooms, where Joyner, a UCLA freshman, long jumped and Kersee, an assistant track and field coach at the university, corrected her technique. Who needs pay-per-view movies and 24-hour room service when you can have fun like that? Joyner and Kersee were well aware of each other before then, but only from a distance.
August 4, 1988 | RANDY HARVEY, Times Staff Writer
Bob Kersee, coach of the World Class Athletic Club, said Wednesday that his recent split with sprinter Florence Griffith-Joyner was inevitable and that he could foresee it as early as last October. For those without a copy of the Griffith-Joyner-Kersee family tree, that was the month that Griffith married Al Joyner, who is Kersee's brother-in-law. Kersee is married to Jackie Joyner-Kersee, world record-holder in the heptathlon.
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