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October 17, 1999 | T.J. SIMERS
Times NFL writer T.J. Simers poses--and answers--the burning questions for this week: Question: Is Houston really all that excited about getting an expansion team? Answer: A day after being awarded an expansion team, a Web site was set up to provide information on the new team. The Web site service expected 100,000 hits for the day, but got more than 200,000 an hour.
August 8, 1999 | SCOTT HOWARD-COOPER
Here comes the . . . uh . . . Now's the time to really be concerned if your son looks to a star athlete as a role model, or apparently a model, period. Dennis Rodman had his day in a wedding dress, and now Ricky Williams of the New Orleans Saints is a drag-ster on the cover of ESPN magazine. It's gotten so big that two Dallas Morning News writers--sports department, not fashion--debated which was more attractive.
October 11, 1999 | MAL FLORENCE
New York Jet Coach Bill Parcells has a knack for diagnostic medical examinations. For example, when Wayne Chrebet had a sprained ankle last year, Parcells went up to the wide receiver and kicked him on the injured joint to gauge his pain threshold. Similarly, he poked former quarterback Glenn Foley in the ribs to judge just how sore they were. "That wasn't a malicious thing," Parcells said. "My college coach used to do that to me to find out if something was hurt. You can tell a lot."
October 19, 2012 | By Melanie Mason and Joseph Tanfani
WASHINGTON - A strong fundraising push and a light presence on the airwaves enabled Restore Our Future, the “super PAC” backing Mitt Romney, to end September with replenished coffers, setting the stage for its October spending blitz. The group pulled in $14.8 million and spent just $4.1 million on ads, ending the month with $16.6 million in the bank, according to filings submitted Friday to the Federal Election Committee. That's a much healthier cash outlook than Restore Our Future's previous month; in August, the group spent three times as much as it took in and ended the month with just $6.3 million on hand.
September 10, 1999 | T.J. SIMERS, TIMES STAFF WRITER
NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said Thursday the league will still honor a Sept. 15 deadline, and based on what it has learned by that date, vote Oct. 6 to award an expansion franchise to either Houston or Los Angeles. He said no one has the lead in this dragged-out race. He said the league remains very interested in meeting with invited Los Angeles groups, and will do so Monday in New York. He said a delay in making a final determination between Houston and Los Angeles is unlikely.
Right now, trainer Bob Baffert doesn't care which horse is better. "Congaree's got as much talent as Point Given," he said Saturday. "In three weeks, we'll find out who wants it more." The "it" is the Kentucky Derby, which will be run May 5 at Churchill Downs with Baffert holding most of the trump cards.
May 7, 2004 | T.J. Simers
I stopped by Angel Stadium the other night figuring Mike Scioscia and I might catch a cup of coffee and spend some time discussing my fantasy baseball team. I find it's taking a lot of my time, and Scioscia has plenty of that. As loaded as the Angels are this season, Scioscia has nothing to do these days other than sit in the corner of the dugout and pat his players on the back after they return from crossing the plate.
They could have used shovels for the groundbreaking, but this called for Texas flair. The guests fired Colt .45 pistols into a vacant lot, marking the start of Harris County Domed Stadium, otherwise known as the Astrodome. The man behind the project, Judge Roy Hofheinz, modestly suggested the stadium be dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World. That was 34 years and several facelifts ago. Now the Astrodome is losing its oldest tenant.
May 1, 2006 | Sam Farmer
Big winners and big losers from the 2006 NFL draft: Big winner: Matt Leinart -- He's heading to Arizona, which has an offense loaded with Pro Bowl-caliber players at running back and both receiver spots. He'll learn behind Kurt Warner, one of the league's real good guys, and the Cardinals soon will have a state-of-the-art stadium. Big loser: Leinart -- OK, who are we kidding? It's the Cardinals. (And losing that $10 million really smarts.
September 9, 1998 | T.J. SIMERS, TIMES STAFF WRITER
Had they been buying the Rams or Raiders, a 72-hour grace period providing for buyer's remorse might have been appropriate, but the team of Alfred Lerner and Carmen Policy has been given permission by the NFL to write a $530-million check to buy the new Cleveland Browns franchise. Former Browns' owner Art Modell, who moved his team to Baltimore three years ago, paid $4 million for the original Cleveland franchise in 1961.
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