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Body Piercing

May 18, 1995
As a senior dad of a Pali High teen-ager, my gray hair turned even grayer after Sunday's cover story about body piercing ["Body Language," April 30]. And I thought our daughter's "surprise" nose ring was an abomination; may she be spared from ever meeting your man, Ra, and his crown to crotch metallic mutilations. Hopefully we've seen the last of Baba, the professional piercer with the Lucite stud through his tongue. What a fun guy. Has he considered a career with the Ringling Brothers?
April 3, 1994
The Illegal Interns, hosts of a cable television show featuring Eastside artists, musicians, comedians and poets, will present a festival Saturday at the Aztlan Cultural Foundation. "The Stage Is Yours IV," from 6 p.m. to midnight, is one of a series of events to promote local artists, said Flavio Morales, one of the Illegal Interns.
January 17, 1994 | Compiled for The Times by Patricia A. Konley
Tattoos and body piercing are increasingly popular among young people. We asked Southern California teen-agers why they think their peers do it and whether they would themselves. ANNETTE LePERE, Senior, South Pasadena High School I'd consider getting my ears pierced but not my nose. I also don't think I'd get a tattoo because it's permanent, and just because I'm in a stage now doesn't mean I'm going want the same mark on my body 50 years from now.
October 5, 1998 | BOB HEISLER, FOR THE TIMES
Capt. Howdy is the kind of guy who likes to hear himself talk. So he sews together the lips of visitors to his surgical dungeon in otherwise lovely Helverton, Colo. Unless the name Dee Snider means something to you from the heavy-metal group Twisted Sister, there's no reason to read on. "Dee Snider's Strangeland" is the kind of movie your parents warned you about. And they were right. It's a disturbing, hopeless, irredeemable series of images that will scar you if you wander into it unprepared.
May 22, 2001 | Greg Johnson
The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Monday urged a consumer boycott of Toyota Motor Sales USA for what the civil rights leader described as "offensive marketing materials" that promote the Torrance-based auto company's RAV4 sport-utility vehicle. The allegation made during a news conference in Chicago was sparked by a promotional postcard that shows a smiling black man with a likeness of a RAV4 embedded in a bright gold tooth.
December 11, 1993 | LORRAINE ALI
Florida mock-shock band Genitorturers purports to make art and entertainment from the S&M and body-piercing lifestyle. But the group's calculated and anything-but-erotic show at the Whisky on Thursday was just torture.
August 14, 1998 | MARNELL JAMESON
How can parents know if their child is having emotional problems at school before the teacher calls? Here are the warning signs: * Changes in eating behaviors, usually a loss of appetite. * Changes in sleeping patterns, especially trouble falling asleep or nightmares. * Extreme mood swings, beyond the normal adolescent moodiness. * Misdirected anger. Blasting a family member for seemingly no reason may be a child's way of venting frustration from school in a safe place.
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