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March 2, 1990
It's too bad Benedict Arnold isn't alive so you could do a real puff piece on a traitor. Actually, however, old Benedict didn't stoop to the degraded level of your hero, Ramsey Clark, to whom View devoted a Page 1, four-color love letter. Despite the publicity given to Jane Fonda's embrace of the Communist Viet Cong and her taunting of sick, wounded and starving U.S. prisoners of the North Vietnamese Reds, the American POWs ignored her as a brainless Hollywood airhead, Barbarella over the hill.
July 21, 1991
Jack Mathews praises James Cameron's "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" as "one of the greatest action movies of all time" (Film Comment, July 14). Mathews then ridicules the writer-director for his metaphorical analysis of the picture, dismissing Cameron's stated subtexts regarding dehumanization, sanctity of the individual and nonviolence as so much pretentious folly. I don't suppose it ever occurred to Mathews that what sets Cameron's pictures apart from the standard brainless Hollywood blow-'em-ups might just be some sense of thought and intent lurking behind the action.
September 6, 2003 | Sam Farmer
Nice opening act, Patriots. What's next, shipping Tom Brady to the Dolphins? Letting Pro Bowl safety Lawyer Milloy slip away to division rival Buffalo a mere five days before the season opener against the Bills has to be one of the biggest front-office blunders in NFL history. Or does it? Sure, Milloy was a five-time defensive captain with four Pro Bowl appearances to his credit, but he also was too expensive at $4.4 million for this season.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn, banished into exile for his anti-Soviet writings 21 years ago, has lost his voice again. Russian Public Television has canceled his Monday night talk show. The 15-minute program, aired twice a month in prime time for the past year, served up scolding monologues by the bearded Nobel laureate against post-Soviet Russia and the leaders who welcomed him home in May, 1994.
February 22, 1998
What a run. For the third year in a row, students from Alemany High School in Mission Hills beat other private schools in Southern California to win a spot at the state Academic Decathlon. And for the fifth time, students from El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills swept the Los Angeles Unified School District competition. Now, as they have over and over, the two teams will face off in March to battle once again for the state championship.
September 25, 1989 | MIKE BOEHM
Mix a little raunch with a bit of wit, as everybody from Cole Porter to Prince has done at some point, and you've got a formula for pop that's lively, and maybe even healthily, artfully shocking. Take away the wit, and turn the raunch into drooling pornography, and you've got the formula for the banal, embarrassing exercise that the 2 Live Crew perpetrated Saturday at the Celebrity Theatre in Anaheim.
November 26, 1990
In response to Julie Fine of Reseda's letter about the injuries and deaths that have occurred since the July start-up of the Blue Line light-rail system, I am appalled to learn that anyone as fuzzy-brained as she could have been on a panel for transportation solutions. She mentioned a Canadian rail consultant's projection that during the first year of operation, a light-rail line would experience no deaths, just injuries, and tries to take the consultant to task for what has happened along the BlueLine tracks.
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