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July 7, 2004
Re "A Hollywood Iconoclast Who Transformed the Art of Acting," July 3: Readers might be interested to know that Marlon Brando was a strong critic of U.S. foreign policy. After reading my March 3, 1999, Op-Ed article in The Times criticizing U.S. actions in Guatemala, Brando contacted me and initiated an hourlong discussion about the history of U.S. operations there. Outraged at U.S. military training and CIA manuals on killing in Central America, he wanted to understand how it was possible to turn normal American boys into killers and torturers abroad.
January 7, 1991 | From Times Wire Services
Cheyenne Brando, the troubled daughter of American actor Marlon Brando, left Tahiti today for Paris to seek treatment after a nervous breakdown and two suicide attempts. Cheyenne, 20, is a central figure in a murder case against her half brother Christian, who pleaded guilty Friday to the voluntary manslaughter of her lover. A local court accepted an application by Cheyenne's lawyer last month for her transfer to Paris but said she must return to the French island once cured.
September 23, 2004 | Robert W. Welkos, Times Staff Writer
Friends and business associates are already lining up for a piece of the late actor Marlon Brando's $21.6-million estate, potentially setting the stage for the kind of media spotlight that the movie legend spent much of his life trying to avoid. A Tahitian businessman who runs a small airline that carted tourists to and from Brando's private Polynesian island, Tetiaroa, says his company is owed at least $460,000 in business costs that he claims the late actor refused to pay.
January 27, 1985 | RUTH RYON, Times Staff Writer
Actor Marlon Brando's passion for privacy drove him to buy Tetiaroa, a South Seas atoll, when he was filming "Mutiny on the Bounty" in 1962. Now he's selling a long-term leasehold on Tetiaroa, a cluster of 12 islands, each less than a mile wide, 38 miles north of Tahiti. Is he tired of the white sand beaches and 60-foot palms? "Oh, no," Brooks Barton, vice president and western regional director of Previews Inc.--which has the listing, said quickly.
There is a small library of new entertainment books available for your favorite bibliophile this Christmas, ranging from biographies of Madonna and Marlon Brando to a glimpse inside "The West Wing" to a bird's-eye view into the success of the Broadway musical "The Producers." Here's a sample of what's new for the holidays. * BIOGRAPHIES "Andrea Bocelli: A Celebration," by ANTONIA FELIX, Thomas Dunne Books ($17.95).
October 20, 2011 | By Lauren Beale, Los Angeles Times
A home in Sherman Oaks owned by legendary actor Marlon Brando near the end of his life is on the market at $1,625,000. The nearly three-quarters of an acre property features a diving house that he built for his children, a detached guesthouse, a tennis court and a swimming pool. There are five bedrooms, three bathrooms and 3,027 square feet of living space. Brando, who died in 2004 at 80, is listed among the top male actors of all time by the American Film Institute. He won Oscars for his leading roles in "The Godfather" (1972)
April 13, 1996
Re "Brando's Remarks" (Morning Report, April 8): This is the letter I would send directly to Marlon Brando if I had his current address. Dear Marlon: Having worked with you and known you personally since the 1970s, I am shocked by the latest reporting of your anti "old-time" Jewish remarks. Considering the current rise of hate groups in the U.S. today, why would you give them extra fuel to feed their fire of bigotry? Your incendiary remarks are prime examples of a lack of "sensitivity."
July 23, 2001
Sivaji Ganesan, 77, an intense actor considered the Marlon Brando of south India's film industry, died Saturday in the southern Indian city of Madras. Born in a tiny village in the Thanjavur district of southern India's Tamil Nadu state, V.C. Ganesan, as he was originally known, began acting in his teens. By the late 1940s he was playing lead roles in the theater. Ganesan made his screen debut in the 1952 Tamil-language movie "Parasakthi."
November 6, 1990
The state's 2nd District Court of Appeal issued a brief ruling late Monday upholding a stay that delays indefinitely the start of Christian Brando's murder trial. The proceeding, which had been set to begin Monday in Santa Monica, was postponed while officials review the status of Brando's half-sister, Cheyenne Brando, 20, who is recovering from a drug overdose in Tahiti.
August 9, 1990 | From Times wire services
Actor Marlon Brando's son, Christian, charged in the murder of his half-sister's boyfriend, had his bail cut today from $10 million to $2 million. With his father in the court in Santa Monica, Brando, 32, also surrendered his passport, a condition of his release. He was expected to be freed once his family posted the bail. After a lengthy hearing, Superior Court Judge David Perez ordered Brando's bail reduced after ruling that the $10-million figure set by a Municipal Court judge "is high."
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