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September 14, 1995
PBS walked off with 11 of 42 statuettes handed out in New York Tuesday night at the 16th annual Emmy Awards for news and documentary programming. The PBS awards were divided among eight programs, including "National Geographic," "Frontline," "P.O.V." and "The American Experience." Among the other Emmys awarded for programming in 1994, nine went to ABC, eight to NBC, five to TBS, two each to CBS, Discovery and A&E, and one apiece to Fox, the Learning Channel and syndicated programming.
June 24, 2013
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NBC, which led the field in the nighttime Emmy Awards last Sunday with 20, came back Wednesday night to tie ABC for top honors in the Emmys for news and documentary programming. Each network won 10, with eight of NBC's going to "Dateline NBC."
April 15, 2013 | By Jessica Guynn
SAN FRANCISCO -- In an age of near instant communication, Twitter again became the world's town square as traffic to the service spiked minutes after the deadly Boston Marathon explosions. People rushed to Twitter for real-time information on fatalities and injuries. It was the first to air the news of the explosions at the finish line (10 minutes ahead of cable news) and to break the news of multiple explosions and mass casualties as users posted firsthand accounts and photographs. Foursquare founder and Chief Executive Dennis Crowley, who was running the marathon to raise money for Camp Interactive, a program to expose underprivileged youth to technology, turned to Twitter to let friends and family know he was OK. (He also used it to ask journalists to "leave us alone right now. ")
September 12, 1997 | From The Associated Press
ABC and PBS were the big winners of the annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards, capturing 10 honors apiece for coverage of events including the 1996 presidential election. In a ceremony here Wednesday night, CBS won nine awards and NBC took home six. The Discovery Channel earned three; HBO, MSNBC and TBS picked up two each; and CNN, Cinemax, the Learning Channel and syndicated programs got one apiece.
January 27, 1991 | DANIEL CERONE
In the past, TV anchors stayed close to home, never straying far from theirfamiliar anchor chair and trusty TelePrompTer. But as network news struggles tomaintain a foothold in the competitive TV marketplace, more and more news peopleare spreading their wings to host news, information and talk shows. The latest entrant is Faith Daniels, news anchor on NBC's "Today," who on Mondayat 11:30 a.m. begins moonlighting as host of "A Closer Look," which replaces theinterracial soap opera "Generations."
May 10, 2007 | Annabelle Gurwitch, ANNABELLE GURWITCH is a contributing writer and commentator for "Day to Day" on NPR.
IWAS SITTING on a plane Tuesday, flipping through the channels on my seatback TV: makeover show, makeover show, home decorating tips, CNN breaking news story on a fire, Maria Bartiromo has great hair. Wait a minute. Gee, that CNN shot looked familiar. I flipped back. It was my neighborhood. No, it was right above my house. My family lives in the hills that back up to Griffith Park. Even in these reality-TV-saturated days, no one wants to be featured in a breaking news story.
December 4, 1995 | LEO GREENE, Leo Greene is a professor of broadcast journalism at Chapman University and former news director for Fox
In his article "Crime News, Without Context, Equals Bias" (Op-Ed, Oct. 31), columnist Tom Plate talked about the overemphasis of violent crime on local television news. He discussed how this overplay distorted the level and importance of crime in society and reinforced racial stereotyping of criminals. In another article in the November issue of the Atlantic Monthly, a book reviewer noted that urban crime is "milked for blood and profit every night on the 11 o'clock news."
July 23, 1996 | SHAUNA SNOW
TELEVISION And the Nominees Are: Although it fared poorly in last week's prime-time Emmy nominations, trailing behind NBC, CBS and cable's HBO, ABC came out on top in the 17th annual News and Documentary Emmy Award nominations announced Monday, capturing 29 nods--the most of any network. ABC was followed by PBS with 27 nominations, NBC with 20 and CBS with 19.
April 24, 1998 | HOWARD ROSENBERG
The enigma clouding Linda McCartney's death continues. Bank on it--the news media and shrieking TV and radio talk shows will fill you in ad nauseam on the debate over where she died, her reported cremation and the status of her death certificate. Big mystery here, big enough to keep the speculation mills operating indefinitely. A much larger mystery connected to this story, though, is why the public doesn't rise up and stampede the mean-spirited schnooks of KNBC-TV Channel 4 off the airwaves.
March 7, 2013 | By Jimmy Orr
What a month. Great journalism and smart strategies for digital coverage continued in February, resulting in the biggest audience to in the history of the site. We also recorded a 125% increase in video viewership, and L.A. Now and Entertainment set all-time records. Breaking News Nobody does breaking news better than the Los Angeles Times, and this was never more apparent than in our coverage of the manhunt for Christopher Dorner and his standoff with police.
November 6, 2012 | By Amy Kaufman
Many parents are wary of their children becoming actors, fearful that their progeny will toil in minimum-wage jobs while going on endless auditions. Bella Heathcote, one of the young actresses featured on this year's Los Angeles Times Young Hollywood roundtable at the AFI Fest, said her father was not excited by the prospect of her moving from Australia to Hollywood. He was a lawyer, and Heathcote said she worked as a paralegal at his firm to placate him. "He spent a few years being like,"Yeah, that's great.
May 10, 2011 | Jonah Goldberg
For a week people have been asking, "Why won't the president release Osama bin Laden's photo?" That's the wrong question. We should be asking, "Why was Barack Obama in such a hurry to tell us Bin Laden was dead?" The White House says the information in Bin Laden's compound is the equivalent of a "small college library," potentially containing incalculably valuable and unique data on Al Qaeda operations, personnel and methods. "It's going to be great even if only 10% of it is actionable," a government official told Politico's Mike Allen.
May 5, 2011 | Meghan Daum
When it emerged Sunday night that Osama bin Laden had been killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan, some people thought I might not hear about it for weeks. Not because I only consume news about Sarah Palin but because, for the last month, I've been in semi-isolation in the New Hampshire woods. I'm on a fellowship at The MacDowell Colony, a hallowed institution that provides artists of all kinds — writers, visual artists, composers, filmmakers, even architects — their own studios (mostly rustic cabins and beautifully designed loft-like structures)
January 8, 2010 | By Walter Hamilton
The Los Angeles Times is closing its printing operations in Orange County to cut costs and will begin publishing a new section devoted to late-breaking news, the paper announced Thursday. In a memo to employees, Times Publisher Eddy Hartenstein said the paper would generate "substantial savings" by consolidating its printing operations at one facility in downtown Los Angeles. "All of our efforts are being done with a keen eye toward limiting personnel loss throughout the company, while maintaining and growing other areas of the business," Hartenstein wrote.
June 18, 2009 | Diane Pucin
When Shaquille O'Neal wanted to set up a Twitter account after someone had impersonated him on the social media network, it was Kathleen Hessert who guided him. The media strategist warned of one other thing. "Twitter is immediate and without filters," Hessert said. "There will be an athlete or coach who posts immediately in anger or in haste and gets himself in trouble. That will happen." Kevin Love, meet Kathleen Hessert.
September 13, 1991
Television: Network's 'PrimeTime Live' and PBS' 'Frontline' capture five awards each. ABC, first in the nightly news ratings, was also first in the Emmy Awards for news and documentary programs. The network captured 15 of the 43 awards handed out in New York Wednesday night by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. PBS collected 13 Emmys, while CBS got seven and NBC two. Cable was also represented, as TBS won four and HBO and the Discovery Channel got one each.
April 29, 2009 | Steve Carney
When they're merging onto the freeway and figuring whether they need "traffic on the ones" or on the fives -- that, for many Southland listeners, used to be the sole distinction between all-news radio stations KFWB and KNX. Now the two are trying to stake out separate identities, even while they pool their newsrooms for the first time ever.
October 19, 2008 | Larry Fondation
IT IS easy to feel the pain we suffer, much harder to know the pain we cause. It is simple, even facile, to be a "sensitive" person, if sensitive means easily wounded. Even a vulnerable person, after all, can lack empathy. We grasp this effortlessly in our private lives. In our public lives, distant violence does not disrupt. This is the point of view of the powerful.
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