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March 31, 2007 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
HIV-positive women who breastfeed exclusively are less than half as likely to transmit the virus to their babies as women who use a mixture of breastfeeding and formula, South African researchers reported Friday in the medical journal Lancet. Exclusive breastfeeding ordinarily protects the integrity of the intestinal mucosa, which thereby presents a more effective barrier to HIV, they said. It also is associated with fewer breast problems that can cause an increased viral load in breast milk.
April 25, 2005
Thank you for bringing attention to the benefits of breast-feeding in "Feeding a Need" [April 11]. Any woman who is willing to go the extra mile by seeking out a breast milk donor is definitely in touch with the basic needs of her child. Sadly, our society has made it too easy and casually acceptable to stick bottles filled with dead nutrients into our babies' mouths. Yes, 5% of moms can't breast-feed. But the other 95% can. There will always be "a reason" not to give a baby the best -- work, money, so on and so forth.
July 15, 1989
I am appalled at Judge Richard Wells' decision in favor of Cafe Rodeo's policy against allowing women to breast-feed their infants at their tables ("Judge Rules for Cafe in Suit Over Breast-Feeding," Metro, June 30). There is something fundamentally wrong with a society which allows smoking in public, which medical experts agree can only be harmful to everyone involved (the smoker and all those nearby), but does not allow breast-feeding in public, which medical experts agree can only be beneficial to everyone involved (the mother and child)
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