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June 13, 2005
Re "Lactivists, Chill Out!" Commentary, June 9: I think what is most important for women who are breast-feeding their babies to get a clue on is that the majority of us do not want to be near women who are breast-feeding. I breast-fed two babies for nine months each and would never have dreamed of subjecting people near me, much less sitting 6 inches away, to something so private. If you have to be in that situation, pump what you need. Pulling out a part of your body that is typically left covered is tacky, even if you are nourishing your baby.
May 14, 1985 | MIKE GRANBERRY, Times Staff Writer
It was 2 a.m. and Sallie Poet was desperate. At the hospital, nursing her new baby had been, at best, an exercise in hopelessness, she said. But now mother and infant were home, and the problem was becoming more critical as little James Davis Nexsen Poet's birth weight continued to drop. Exhausted and frustrated, still holding her screaming and inconsolable son, Sallie Poet made what she considers to be one of the most important phone calls of her life.
May 9, 1999
Re "Woman Sues Bookstore Over Right to Breast-Feed," April 29. Being a woman myself, I find Kerry Madden-Lunsford's suit against Borders Books & Music very upsetting. The 1998 state law that allows public breast-feeding is obviously a very new law. I would guess that there are many people who were unaware of the law, including two Borders employees who confronted Madden-Lunsford. The Borders general manager, in my opinion, has done everything to rectify the situation, including a public apology, a sign welcoming those who feel it is necessary to breast-feed in public and the promise to better educate employees.
June 30, 1996
"Facts about Bras, Breasts and Cancer" (June 19) contains some misleading information on breast-feeding. First, breasts do produce early milk, or colostrum, days or weeks before childbirth. Colostrum--digestible, high-calorie and loaded with immunities--then gives way to mature milk in the days following birth. Second, while breast-feeding does not absolutely prevent maternal breast cancer, women who breast-feed do have dramatically lower rates of breast, uterine and ovarian cancers.
December 3, 1997 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
The American Academy of Pediatrics said mothers should breast-feed for at least a year--six months longer than previously advised. The guidelines also urge employers to provide a place for women to nurse and recommend that insurance companies pay for services like lactation consultations. Breast-feeding provides individual health benefits as well as significant social and economic benefits to the nation, including reduced health-care costs, the academy wrote in its journal Pediatrics.
August 5, 1995 | STEPHANIE STASSEL
In observance of World Breastfeeding Week, the La Leche League has planned its World Walk for Breastfeeding today in Griffith Park. The one-mile walk, which starts at 11 a.m., will raise funds for the group that supports and gives information to mothers who choose to breast-feed their children.
February 26, 1992 | ANN ROVIN
Are the mechanics of breast-feeding affected by the presence of breast implants? The research is scant, but Dr. Marianne Neifert, a pediatrician and breast-feeding authority, thinks so. "Difficulties in breast-feeding after augmentation surgery are something I believe I have seen for 10 years," says Neifert, medical director of the lactation program at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center in Denver. There are several possible reasons, Neifert says, adding that further research is merited.
September 19, 2003 | From Associated Press
An Australian talk show host has breast-fed her new son on live national television, angering some viewers but winning praise from the medical profession. Kate Langbroek nursed her newborn, Lewis, on "The Panel" late-night program when she returned from maternity leave Wednesday. Viewers were mixed about the display, the Ten Network said Thursday. "It was definitely split," a network spokeswoman said. "Some people were very supportive.... Others were of course having a bit of a hissy."
June 24, 2002
Re: "Analysis Questions Link Between Breast Milk, IQ" (June 10): Breast-feeding and IQ are linked. There are no studies showing that formula-fed babies are smarter or healthier, just as there are no studies showing that cigarette smokers live longer or have less heart disease and lung cancer. Further, breast-feeding is dose-related. For maximum mental growth, breast-feeding for at least a year is recommended. (See "The Association Between Duration of Breastfeeding and Adult Intelligence," Journal of the American Medical Assn.
November 28, 2005 | From Times wire reports
Breast-feeding, backed for the health effects it bestows on the baby, also appears to reduce the mother's risk of developing adult-onset diabetes. The protective effect probably comes from the way breast-feeding uses up energy and keeps blood sugar levels stabilized, said the report from Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston.
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