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Western quarterback Brandon Brennan has gone from supporting character to leading man in two seasons. It has been a leap of faith--by his coach. Brennan had another stress-free night Thursday. He threw three touchdown passes in the first half of the Pioneers' 31-9 victory over Orange in a nonleague game at El Modena High School. "Two years ago, all I did was hand off," the senior said. "I could understand that. I was a sophomore."
December 25, 2006 | From the Associated Press
Colt Brennan broke the NCAA single-season record for touchdown passes, throwing five in the second half to lead Hawaii to a 41-24 victory over Arizona State on Sunday in the Hawaii Bowl. Brennan, who completed 33 of 42 passes for 559 yards, threw a seven-yard scoring pass to Ryan Grice-Mullen on the Warriors' second series of the second half to break the mark of 54 set by Houston's David Klingler in 1990, also against the Sun Devils.
July 21, 1990
Justice William Brennan, who resigned his seat on the Supreme Court Friday, has been a towering figure in the history of American jurisprudence. The force and elegance of his many landmark opinions--though sometimes controversial--have made him one of the 20th Century's most influential Americans. They will stand as an enduring testament to the fundamental notion that law, untempered by humanity, is an instrument of coercion and not of justice.
October 16, 1985
In 1819, in the case of McCulloch vs. Maryland, Chief Justice John Marshall proclaimed, "It is a constitution we are expounding," and the italics are Marshall's. He meant that the document on which American democracy is based provides a broad framework for government flexible enough to leave specific decisions to Congress and the courts. Since then, constitutional scholars and commentators have conducted a lively debate about what the Constitution means.
September 20, 1998
Among the decisions vying for Gov. Pete Wilson's attention, one of particular local interest is his choice of who will represent Ventura County on the California Coastal Commission. Ventura County has nominated three public officials for the seat, which it shares with Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. Of them, one is so clearly the right choice that he has been nominated by Santa Barbara County as well. Gov.
December 28, 2003 | Helene Elliott, Times Staff Writer
Winger Kip Brennan, suspended 10 games by the NHL for returning to the ice after he was sent to the locker room Friday, will surely miss the $24,444.40 in salary he'll forfeit. But he said Saturday he didn't consider the consequences when he tried to rejoin the fray. "I saw [Wayne] Primeau grab [Sean] Avery and we were outnumbered, so ... " he said. "I wasn't thinking about [a suspension]. I was just thinking about my team. My job is to protect my teammates.
August 1, 2003 | Chuck Philips, Times Staff Writer
Someone is gunning for Marion "Suge" Knight. The head of Death Row Records grew famous glamorizing gang violence. He called his artists "inmates." His company logo depicted a hooded convict strapped into an electric chair. His producers grafted violent lyrics onto driving rhythms, punctuated by shotgun blasts and wailing sirens. That was make-believe mayhem. Now, Knight is being stalked by the real thing.
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