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Brent Musburger

December 15, 1988 | LARRY STEWART, Times Staff Writer
Beginning in 1990, CBS will be the baseball network. NBC, which has been televising baseball since 1947, and ABC, involved since 1975, will be out. CBS won exclusive network rights to major league baseball Wednesday by agreeing to pay slightly more than $1 billion over 4 seasons, 1990 through 1993. CBS, discarding NBC's "Game of the Week" format, will televise only 12 regular-season games on selected Saturdays and Sundays, plus the All-Star game, the playoffs and the World Series.
March 29, 1985 | LARRY STEWART
A year ago, Coach John Thompson of Georgetown let it be known he wasn't too fond of CBS sportscaster Brent Musburger. Musburger, who was anchoring his network's NCAA tournament coverage from a studio in New York, criticized Thompson for going into a delay in a victory over SMU. "When I have a team on the run, I don't go into a delay," Musburger said. After hearing of the comment, Thompson said: "Well, Musburg (that's what he called him) never had anybody on the run.
January 2, 2009 | DIANE PUCIN
If you answer the telephone and Brent Musburger is on the other end, you know as soon as the first word, "Hello," is said. A day later, when Pat Summerall is on the other end, again, no introductions were needed after "Hello." Musburger and Summerall and their deep-timbered, constantly tone-changing, higher, lower, emphatically textured sounds mean it's college bowl season, at least to those of us past a certain age.
April 14, 1990
It's sad to see Brent Musburger and CBS parting. They were definitely made for each other with dull, unimaginative sports coverage. ROBERT G. TORRES, Redondo Beach
July 14, 1990
Best sports news of 1990? CBS axes Brent Musburger. Second-best news? Musburger's new home, ABC, has no events with which to inflict Brent on the masses. BILL HARTLEY Santa Barbara
September 23, 2006
Brent Musburger and ESPN/ABC missed an opportunity for the perfect comeback to USC's complaint about the leak of privileged information during the USC-Nebraska telecast. All the ESPN spokesman had to say was, "We'll be handling this internally, as we do in these matters." DOUG THOMSON West Los Angeles If I was Trojans quarterback John David Booty, I know what hand signal I would show Brent Musburger the next time I saw him. TOM TURNER Dana Point
November 15, 1989
CBS completed its baseball broadcasting crew, announcing that Jack Buck and Jim Kaat would be the backup announcers behind Brent Musburger and Tim McCarver. CBS also said that Greg Gumbel would be the host of its baseball pregame show.
June 4, 1988
Through the years, I have endured The Times' endorsement of Mayor Sam, I've put up with various Conrads, I've even skimmed some of your front-page Nancy Reagan stories. But now, you've gone too far. When Larry Stewart said that Tom Heinsohn came across better than Brent Musburger in Game 7 of the Boston Celtics-Atlanta Hawks series, your paper lost all credibility. MICHAEL BRISON San Diego
May 25, 1985
I, like many fans of "Dallas," was overjoyed when Channel 2 decided to delay the telecast of the third Laker-Denver playoff game until 11:30 p.m. Not only did I get to find out Bobby's fate "live," but I had the indescribable pleasure of listening to Brent Musburger's basketball expertise into the wee hours of the morning. Thank you, Hubie Brown, without your excellent commentary, I might have dozed off. DAVID KORST Simi Valley
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