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One of the most tragic and disturbing moments of American history can soon be yours to watch and review in your own home. Next week, the public will be able to purchase for the first time on video an authorized, newly restored copy of one of this century's most infamous film sequences, the home movie footage of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. "Image of an Assassination: A New Look at the Zapruder Film," which will retail for $19.
September 16, 2009 | Charles Perry
Santa Barbara's Telegraph Brewing is the epitome of the eager, experimental microbrewery, enthusiastic about local ingredients and unfamiliar techniques. Its 19th century version of porter will shock most people by being tart. However, its flagship brew, California Ale, is totally accessible. It's a mouth-filling beer, unfiltered, fairly hoppy and rather malty with a subtle citrus note. Perhaps because it's sealed with a cork, a la Champagne, some people seem to think of it as a French saison , but I'd call it just a great big amber ale. Coppery in color with a huge white head, it's a little earthy on the palate with some sweetness showing up late.
June 29, 1985 | United Press International
Nineteen Chinese died and seven were critically ill in China's Sichuan province from drinking a potent liquor illegally made with industrial alcohol, the Workers Daily newspaper reported Friday.
February 25, 1996
As a spokesperson for Starbucks Coffee, I'd like to clear up one matter ("Starbucks Brew," by Evelyn Sheinkopf, So SoCal, Jan 14). A "wet" cappuccino is one made with more steamed milk than foam, and a "dry" one would be made with more foam than steamed milk. Both are made with the same amount of espresso. And for sure, this information can be filed under Facts You Thought You Never Needed to Know. Jeff Smith West Los Angeles
October 11, 1998 | Stephen Lemons
Michael Bowe, tall and lean with dark hair and Kelly green eyes that hint at his Irish heritage, sits at a swank Westside bistro's bar, a half-drained pint of his Angel City Ale before him. He visits tables of beer lovers quaffing glasses of the amber-colored ale as part of his so-called "meet-the-brewer deal." "I'm really pushing the local angle," says the Culver City-based microbrewer.
July 19, 1995 | MARESA ARCHER
To brew beer at home, you need the ingredients of your choice, a big pot to put them in, a flame to cook it all up, and in the end, empty bottles to fill. Most home brewers start off with a malt extract, either in syrup or dry form; this is added to 2 1/2 gallons of water and boiled for a minimum of half an hour in a restaurant-size pot. A stainless steel or enamel pot is recommended because it doesn't affect the flavor of the beer.
August 28, 2003 | BOB MIESZERSKI
It doesn't appear that Milwaukee Brew will get the opportunity to become the first three-time winner of the Santa Anita Handicap. The hero in the race in 2001 and 2002, Milwaukee Brew probably is going to be retired after exiting Sunday's Pacific Classic with an injury to his left front ankle. One of two horses trainer Bobby Frankel saddled in Del Mar's signature race, the 6-year-old, owned by Frank Stronach, finished last in the field of four.
August 25, 2002 | BOB MIESZERSKI
Besides being a rare stakes race with an overflow field, the $1-million Pacific Classic is also the start of a pick six that has a $1-million guaranteed pool. There are no free spots in the pick six, so some players may pass on today's card and hope there is a monster carryover for Monday. Those who insist on playing probably will be spreading the Classic, a race that seems almost certain to fall apart in favor of closers.
June 11, 1998
Beer school? No, don't pinch yourself. You're not dreaming. Make that thick, rich lager you've always craved. Calendar Live! features three do-it-yourself breweries that let you brew, bottle and label your own beer. Smoke Signals While the no-smoking law has banished most smokers to sidewalks and outdoor patios, Calendar Live! spotlights local cigar bars that allow stogie lovers to puff away in peace.
January 8, 1995 | Chris Rubin
Sure, I'd sipped beers from all around the world, but I had never personally brewed anything stronger than the morning coffee before the day I headed down to Hamilton Gregg Brewworks. This Hermosa Beach outfit supposedly was the nation's first brew workshop when it opened more than a year ago; now there are four. Being a total novice, I enlisted the help of Michael Doherty, brewer at Gordon Biersch, the hip brewery-restaurant in Pasadena.
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