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Bristol Farms

January 30, 2011 | Jerry Crowe
Here's something you probably won't find in any other grocery store outside the Bristol Farms in Newport Beach: a former major league pitcher manning the seafood counter. And it's no publicity stunt. FOR THE RECORD: Dennis Lamp: In the Jan. 31 Sports section, Jerry Crowe's column about former major league pitcher Dennis Lamp said that in 1979 Lamp gave up Willie McCovey's 513th home run, a record for left-handed batters at the time. The home run extended McCovey's National League record but was not a major league record.
August 23, 2012 | By S. Irene Virbila
Just before my neighbor Cass left on a mushroom hunting expedition in northern New Mexico, she left a message to remind me that it's Hatch chile season. Now. That's the famous New Mexican chile grown in the Mesilla Valley with its hot days and cool nights. She also sent me the link to Melissa's , a produce company that brings in the Hatch chiles. Melissa's will be roasting up the chiles at several SoCal locations over the next few weeks. Here's the schedule: Saturday, Aug. 25: Sprouts, Chula Vista Saturday, Aug. 25: Bristol Farms, Westchester Sunday, Aug. 26: Sprouts, Chula Vista - Eastlake Saturday, Sept.
November 14, 1991 | KATHIE JENKINS
Here's what shelled walnuts are currently selling for. * Albertson's, $1.99 for 6 ounces. * Ralph's, $2.39 for 10 ounces. * Trader Joe's, $2.49 per pound. * Vons, $3.19 per pound. * Grand Central Market, Stall C12, $3.25 per pound. * Gelson's, $3.85 per pound, on special for $3.19. * Bristol Farms, $4.99 per pound.
July 4, 2001
Holy cow! After spending a fortune on Web-ordered steaks ("Netsteak," June 27) couldn't you have thrown in a couple that were locally bought from high-end markets, such as Bristol Farms? DAVID WILCZYNSKI Redondo Beach In my opinion, you missed the greatest steak Web site of them all,, and as a Cornhusker, I may be more than a little partial. You will not find a better steak anywhere! JASON SIGMAN Via e-mail In your story you say that choice beef is "the usual supermarket grade."
May 8, 1997 | FRANK MESSINA
Bristol Farms, a gourmet food market, has agreed to become an anchor tenant in the Kaleidoscope entertainment mall currently under construction, a company spokesman said. Kaleidoscope now has two major tenants and several other signings are expected to follow. Located at Crown Valley Parkway and Interstate 5, Kaleidoscope is expected to open next spring. Bristol Farms will lease a 25,000-square-foot space in the mall.
November 24, 1999 | MARTIN MILLER
At America's first Thanksgiving, if you looked around the table you could be sure that someone there caught the bird, someone killed the bird and someone cooked the bird. But today, it seems that all we can be sure of is that someone--and all their friends and family--is going to eat the bird. More than ever, Americans are gracing their Thanksgiving tables with feasts prepared by, and purchased from, nearby restaurants or grocery stores.
September 9, 1990 | ROBIN TUCKER
IF GROCERY SHOPPING gets any easier, it might even become fun again. Bristol Farms, Pasadena's gourmet market, has opened a cook store and a cooking school next door--and they house everything a kitchen whiz needs. It makes for a natural progression from Bristol Farms, says executive chef Claudia McQuillan. Cooks "can shop for groceries and wine in the market; at the cooking school, they can learn how to prepare their purchases; then they can buy the proper equipment to cook them in."
Flavored popcorn is getting to be as imaginative as ice cream. From the Nut Kettle Candy Kitchen in Palm Desert, for instance, you can get boysenberry-pecan, macadamia-chocolate, honey-hazelnut and chocolate-peanut butter. The 23-year-old company started its business with Golden Butter Nut--popcorn, pecans, almonds and cashews in a rich-tasting, buttery coating. Boysenberry-pecan was developed for Knott's Berry Farm, and lemon-jelly bean was devised to honor former President Ronald Reagan.
June 10, 1998 | RUSS PARSONS
OK, it's official. You can now cook almost anything you want on your barbecue grill. With Grilla Gear's Grilla Skillet and Grilla Skillet Wok, you can saute and even stir-fry in your backyard. The perforated pans come with a nonstick coating and a conveniently long handle (necessary to keep your fingers out of the fire). What's left? A steamer? About $15 for the skillet and $18 for the wok at most Bed, Bath and Beyond; Linens and Things; Bristol Farms; and Kmart locations.
December 29, 2011 | By Chris Erskine, Los Angeles Times
Here are some good Bloody Mary mixes to get you started. • Hoosier Momma, not for wimps, this new kid on the block may become the gold standard; available in Southern California only by mail order at . • Zing Zang, award-winning peppery blend, almost as thick and turbo-charged as Hoosier Momma, and available in most supermarkets and liquor stores. • Dr. Swami & Bone Daddy's, another rich blend. Rule of thumb, if it's red as a firetruck, it's no good.
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